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Expert weapon: the child withdrawn do not admit to Dallas Name: Gender: male age: 14 symptoms: withdrawn and refused to admit. Mr. Zhang’s son calf in reading. The calf was born a few months, Mr. Zhang and his wife went out to work, Grandpa and grandma to take care of calves. Although not much time to get along with his son, but Mr. Zhang is pleased that the calf reading good results, do not worry about their parents. However, the son of a loner, do not like to speak. Let Mr. Zhang’s trouble is that the Mavericks do not admit wrongdoing. Mr. Zhang made the deepest impression is that the second grade primary school, Dallas after dinner, not to greet their parents, to students to play, it is not home, looking for adults. He thought he was not wrong to find students. Diagnosis: lack of communication, lack of self-confidence. This kind of child is stubborn. Prosecutors suggested: first, let the children play with peers. In the play with other children, feel the strengths of other children, and learn to praise others. Two, increase the child’s frustration. For children who do not admit the wrong thing, to educate him: made a mistake does not matter, bold recognition and correction is a good child. Do not let their psychological burden, do not let the child have this mentality: that a person can not make a mistake, if you make a mistake, no one around me like me. To help children establish a correct view of frustration. Three, encourage children to express emotions. People have the passions, but many people may not know how to express their emotions. Parents should learn to pay attention to the child’s emotional changes, encourage children to express emotions. Neglect of emotional expression is easy to lead the child to suppress their emotions, that parents do not understand themselves and choose to escape. Little Mo name: Gender: female age: 13 symptoms: rarely with their parents to talk. Little mo read the first two days, Xiao Mo’s parents are now working in Guizhou. Xiao Mo’s parents call Xiao Mo every week. Xiao Mo’s parents often remind the children not to do anything on the phone, how should. Little mo never refuted, quietly listening. Mother and small Mo call, usually mother said much, little Mo said less. The more the phone calls, the less mum knows about the world. Summer vacation, Mo live with their parents, she does not love to chat with their parents, but love to sit in the back room to play mobile phone. Diagnosis: lack of security. Such children easy or runaway love. Prosecutors suggested: first, equal communication with children. The most direct communication is the language of communication, parents should learn to use their children to understand the words of equal communication with their children, rather than one-sided preaching, nagging. In addition, emotional communication is very important, a smile, a compliment, a gift is the medium of emotional communication. Two, solve difficulties together. In the adolescent children outlook on life, world outlook and values have not been finalized, the judgment of right and wrong ability is not enough, on the contrary, curiosity impulse is great, contact with social Xianzarenyuan tend to put the children astray. Parents through school teachers, students pay attention to the observation that children contact with the staff. Three links相关的主题文章: