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Expectant mother can only carry a cold? What conditions must be used – Sohu maternal and child in many cases, in the prospective mother after pregnancy, almost become the treasure of the whole family. What things do not let mother do, just let the mothers have a good rest, then the family will prepare all kinds of nutritious food for the mother to her body, a lot of cases, the mother is protected very well. But we all know, in the mother during pregnancy, many cases are very fragile, because the mother’s immune system will be a lot lower than most of the people at the same time, all kinds of bacteria may invade the mother. So, if the mother should be careful not to catch a cold? After pregnancy is not able to take medicine, quasi mother medication will cause fetal malformations"…… After a very long period, the drug may be teratogenic point already ingrained in the minds of many people, if the mother caught a cold basically for the baby’s health will choose to carry. However, some studies have found that prospective mothers do not mean that after the illness does not mean that the child does not affect the child. Under what circumstances, the cold of the pregnant mother need medication? The mother can’t carry the cold medication to a slight cold, like sneezing, stuffy nose, which you don’t have to take medicine Big deal, almost all can be healed in a week or so, the cold completely does not have any effect on the fetus. However, if the mother of a severe cold symptoms, sustained high fever, or viral influenza, then this time will have a certain impact on the child. Pregnant when the cold can take medicine, first of all to find out the condition, to carry out a variety of distinction, do not take medicine, then it will be more harm to mother and baby. On the one hand, the best temperature during pregnancy should not be too high, otherwise it will affect the development of fetal brain cells. So, if the mother after a cold fever more than 38.5 degrees, it is best to go to the hospital for a check and then appropriate medication. On the other hand, when pregnant, if the mother has not been effectively controlled infection, in fact, will cause some impact on the baby. After pregnancy, expectant mothers because of reduced immunity, after infection normally will cause serious complications, such as pulmonary infection, leading to severe pneumonia and respiratory failure, or caused by viral myocarditis, resulting in acute heart failure, for the health of mother and baby are hurt. If you don’t get better after a week or have poor resistance to the disease, it’s best to see a doctor and use a relatively safe Chinese medicine. If you have a cold with bacterial infections, such as tonsil inflammation, respiratory infections, it is best to see a doctor, and then use some relatively safe antibacterial drugs. However, some drugs no matter what mothers do not use, like the western medicine in a variety of antipyretic analgesic drugs, antiviral drugs, quinolones and aminoglycosides. So the mothers must give medication, an antidote against the disease, to prevent unnecessary medication; the mother must be under the guidance of a doctor medication; early pregnancy illness, if possible, it is best to put off late in the medication again; can use a drug taking相关的主题文章: