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Reference-and-Education The number of non-English speaking people moving to Arizona is increasing everyday, and the number of these people that are doing something about their inability to speak a second language is far from enough. They do not seem to realize how .municating with nearly everyone in the state grants them opportunities they may not ever have otherwise. Taking English classes provides an immediate impact on your life and career, and stays with you for the rest of your life. If you are someone who is unsure about taking classes, then I’d suggest taking a look at what learning English truly has to offer. Job Opportunities – With the ability to speak English, many more jobs will start to be.e available to you. For instance, some high-demand jobs require knowledge of more than one language, and it may give you an advantage in occupations where it may not necessarily be needed. Pay Raises and Job Security – There are many occupations, especially in Arizona, that will increase your wage simply because it helps the .pany as a whole. Learning a new language also makes you a more valued employee by showing your co-workers and boss that you are trying make a difference in the .pany. Increase Sales – For your business, English helps you sell to a wider variety of the population by improving marketing and .munication. You can also improve by having your employees learn the language as well. Experience Cultural Events – After participating in English classes , you will now be able to participate in .munal events that normally you would hesitate to attend because of unavailable knowledge about the culture and language. .municate and Make New Friends – Your English teacher will help you gain the ability to speak to more of the population, you can meet new people, create new .work relationships, and expand into new friend groups both in Arizona and beyond. You will be able to learn from new people and you might even find love in a new place. Learning English may not benefit you in each one of these ways, but even if one thing dramatically changed in your life, wouldn’t it be worth taking the time to learn it? The longer you take to make a move, the more opportunities you miss that you can never get back, so learn English! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: