Ectopic pregnancy women without permission to leave the hospital looking for the final treatment shdoclc.dll

Ectopic pregnancy women without authorization from the hospital to find the final treatment in November 6th urged the 20 year old Yang, accompanied by her boyfriend in the Taizhou Wenling who go through the discharge formalities. Previously, Ms. Yang has been diagnosed ectopic pregnancy of live fetuses, refuse treatment, and outside personnel tracking, inpatient surgery and a series of adventures. 10 days ago, Xiao Yang self testing urine pregnancy test was positive, two or three days later, vaginal bleeding, Wenling City People’s Hospital for treatment of ectopic pregnancy, B-show see heart beat, need to be hospitalized for observation and treatment, but only small Yang in the ward for a long time without leaving the hospital. Wenling city administrator Liang Yunping of high-risk pregnant women in high-risk people’s hospital after receiving the report, according to Xiao Yang to stay in the hospital information, immediately contact and inform Yang must be immediately hospitalized. But when Wenling Hengfeng intends to come outside personnel tracking, continuous call phone prompts previously is busy. Perennial and high-risk personnel dealing with Liang Yunping understand that this is intentional each other not to answer the phone, outside personnel who immediately according to the medical records of Xiao Yang to the temporary address in Hengfeng, and the Hengfeng health center staff and village cadres visited a migrant family, I managed to find Xiao yang. Although found Xiao Yang, but she is not willing to go to the hospital to do the surgery, they think if we do not have children, but also heard from the villagers of ectopic pregnancy may in a few days he ran to the gestational sac to the womb. We do not stop to Xiao Yang for example ectopic pregnancy if the disposal of mistake may endanger their lives, through persuasion, Yang finally relented, who came to Wenling through the end of laparoscopic surgery of ectopic pregnancy. Liang Yunping said, if not timely treatment of ectopic pregnancy can be life-threatening, Wenling last month there is a flow of personnel only 22 years old because of abdominal pain to the clinic, clinic doctor suspected ectopic pregnancy, recommended to the municipal hospital for further examination but was refused, and ultimately delaying the rescue time and the loss of life. Liang Yunping suggested that women of childbearing age in the face of timely medical treatment abnormal menstruation, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding and other conditions must be excluded, ectopic pregnancy may be diagnosed as ectopic pregnancy, must not be easy to listen to the so-called wise remark of an experienced person must obey, medical professionals recommended for regular treatment.

宫外孕女子擅自离院 多方寻找终劝回治疗11月6日,20岁的小杨在男友的陪同下在台州温岭妇保院办理出院手续。此前,杨女士经历了被确诊宫外孕活胎、拒绝治疗、被妇幼外线人员追踪、住院手术等一系列惊险历程。10天前,小杨自测尿妊娠试验为阳性,两三天后,出现阴道流血的情况,到温岭市人民医院就诊,B超显示为宫外孕见心管搏动,需要住院观察治疗,但小杨只在病房待了半天就擅自离院。温岭市高危孕产妇管理员梁云平在收到人民医院的高危报告后,根据小杨留在医院的信息,马上联系并告知小杨必须立即住院观察。但当温岭横峰外线人员打算上门追踪时,连续拨打此前的电话都提示正在通话中。常年与高危人员打交道的梁云平明白这是对方有意不接电话,妇保院外线人员马上根据小杨的病历记录前往其在横峰的暂住地址,与横峰卫生院工作人员及村干部一家家走访流动人口家庭,总算找到了小杨本人。虽然找到了小杨,但她就是不肯去医院,他们觉得做了手术万一以后不会生孩子了,而且从老乡那里听来宫外孕有可能过几天孕囊就自己跑到子宫里去了。大家不停地给小杨举例说明宫外孕如处置不慎可能会危及性命,一遍遍劝说下,小杨总算是松口了,来到温岭妇保院通过腹腔镜手术终止了宫外孕妊娠。梁云平说,宫外孕如果不及时处置会危及生命,温岭上个月就有一名年仅22岁的流动人员因腹痛去卫生室就诊,卫生室医生怀疑宫外孕,建议到市级医院进一步检查但遭家属拒绝,最终贻误了抢救时机而丧失生命。梁云平建议,育龄女性在遇到月经异常、腹痛、阴道出血等情况时一定要及时就医,排除宫外孕可能,如确诊为宫外孕,切不可轻易听信所谓的经验之谈,一定要听从专业医务人员建议接受正规治疗。相关的主题文章: