Easy transfer to the proposed financing 4 billion next year listed three new board official response 9c8921

Easy to pass the proposed financing 4 billion next year listed on the new board is no official response to Tencent Francisco (Xiang Xin) August 26th news, the news that easy to have signed an agreement with a well-known brokerage, next year listed on the new board, intends to finance 4 billion, investment valuation of 17 billion, choose the next IPO or through the backdoor landing A shares market. In this regard, it is not easy to respond to this. In March this year, the Tencent of science and technology reported that easy to founder Zhou hang said easy to tear down the structure of VIE, the official return to the domestic capital market, domestic listing plan, but the plan about the route map and schedule, then Hang Zhou did not disclose. Easy to set up in 2010, is the earliest game player car market, but still a long period of time in the subsequent drops of rivals such as Uber rolling. Until October 2015, as music holdings announced that the car as the music easy to get a 70% stake in the car to become the controlling shareholder of the latter. Zhou hang has said that as the music holdings, easy to still operate independently of the company, the strategic shareholder is still supporting the independent development of independent and easy to market opportunities. Subsequently, LETV chairman Jia Yueting announced that will be easy to work together to create eco car. Easy to vehicles in 2016 strategic objectives, eco car become a priority among priorities. Hang Zhou also said that the future will have tens of millions of vehicles to form a car sharing car is only part of the society, in the form of. The future of the automobile industry to accelerate the development of upstream and downstream, move the chain to the development of the Internet is the car operating platform. Data, easy to provide the latest data in June this year, the platform has over 2 million 300 thousand vehicles, more than 1 million 500 thousand new vehicles in the city will be born every day more than 15 thousand new drivers. Easy to complete the number of orders has exceeded 1 million, the effective number of orders per day more than 2 million 700 thousand, in June 20th the number of orders completed over 1 million 80 thousand, the average customer price is $58. Promotion: how cool is it to play games with VR? How cool is it with VR? Everything about VR, here, VR dimension WeChat public number (qqtechvr), a virtual world quest!相关的主题文章: