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Early decision analysis: GDP+ please dazzling $why down? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Overview of 15:00 in September 29th to 22:30 currencies: Thursday (September 29th) the European market, although the final value of GDP, and the jobless data better than expected, but the dollar down, commodity currencies also after taking rally, due to long profit taking and oil prices rally suspension. During the report released the two quarter GDP growth of 1.4%, initial jobless claims last week for 82 consecutive weeks of less than 300 thousand dollars, once the short-term rise, hit a high of 95.66, but then dropped. Reuters said that the United States in the two quarter real GDP recorded on repair and better than expected, mainly because export growth than import, and a substantial increase in enterprise building and equipment investment, the overall economic growth and boost the U.S. economic outlook; after the Federal Reserve was worried about the economic slowdown in the United States, but the data show that economic growth in the United States to obtain kinetic energy. Despite the economic data brisk, Fed officials repeatedly made hawkish remarks, but according to Peng Bo, the federal funds rate futures show the current market expectations of probability of a rate hike in December was only 57.6%, less than 60%. Other currencies: the dollar yen continues to rise, the highest hit since the eight day high of 101.84 Euro dollars; a strong rebound, recovered 1.12 mark, the highest hit 1.1238, traders said 1.1250 above guadan. The Australian dollar fell sharply, the intraday rose to a new high of three weeks of 0.7709, boosted by rising oil prices overnight. The exchange rate from the days lows to 1.31 above the mark, suspended from the rise in oil prices, on a trading day due to soaring oil prices rose nearly 1% dollars. Sterling fell back to below the 1.30 mark, hit a minimum of $1.2984, investors are still worried that Britain will drag its economy back to europe. In focus, vane: analysis of 17:00 fed Philadelphia Fed President Haq delivered a speech on the economic outlook for the United States in the second quarter 20:30 final value of real GDP 20:30 the United States last week, seasonally adjusted initial jobless claims 20:50 fed Atlanta Fed President Lockhart delivered a speech in August 00 American 22: NAR seasonally adjusted index of pending home sales fed governor 22:00 Powell held in Saint Louis’s "twenty-first Century Community Bank Conference Speech major currencies: the euro: Thursday the European market, the euro dollar shock rise. From a technical point of view, the euro dollar daily MACD green energy column micro deposit, KDJ index was flat. From the daily chart, the euro short-term volatility trading. JPY: on Thursday, the European market, the dollar continued to rise. From a technical point of view, the dollar yen daily MACD green energy column contraction exhausted, KDJ index was flat. From the daily chart of相关的主题文章: