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During confinement, the 7 new mothers should pay attention to diet taboo! Sohu mother and child to become a mother, the identity of the rise and the responsibility has increased. Also at the same time still need to pay attention to in just a month to do the matters needing attention when the mother in the yard, scientific conditioning will make new mothers body actually may be recovered quickly, and the physical conditioning should be most concerned about the situation of new mothers diet, some taboo is the need for attention. So, in the month of mothers should pay attention to what the diet taboo? 1, avoid eating MSG to baby does not appear to zinc deficiency, mothers should avoid excessive msg. In general, adults eat MSG is beneficial and harmless, and infants, especially in the 12 weeks of the baby, if the mother during lactation in the intake of high protein diet, but also eat too much MSG, adverse. Because MSG in monosodium glutamate by milk will enter the baby’s body. An excess of sodium glutamate on infants, especially within 12 weeks of the baby have a serious impact on development, it can produce specific binding and the infant’s blood zinc, glutamate production can not be absorbed by the body, and zinc but with the urine, resulting in the lack of zinc, baby baby, not only prone to poor taste, anorexia, but also can cause mental decline, growth retardation and other adverse consequences. 2, do not be eager to taking ginseng some new mothers postpartum anxious to take ginseng, consider filling body. In fact, new mothers eager to fill the body with ginseng is harmful. Ginseng contains many active components, these components can produce excitatory effects widely on the human body, including excitatory effects on the central nervous system of the human body can cause adverse reactions taking insomnia, irritability, nervousness etc.. And just gave birth to the child’s mother, energy and physical exertion, so need to rest in bed, if taking ginseng, but because of hard to sleep, the effect of energy recovery. Ginseng is a tonic medicine, promote blood circulation, accelerate blood flow. This is very detrimental to just giving birth to the child’s mothers. Because the process of delivery, internal and external genital organs of the blood vessels are damaged, taking ginseng, it may affect the healing of the injured vessels, causing bleeding, or even bleeding. Therefore, new mothers in the birth of a child within a week, do not take ginseng, delivery 7 days later, the new mother’s wound has healed, then take ginseng, helps the new mother recover. But not too much. Ginseng belongs to heat, will lead to new mothers get angry or cause a baby to eat hot. New mothers eat a variety of foods, nutritional supplements is the best way to. 3, avoid too much to eat eggs medical research shows that, within a few hours after delivery, it is best not to eat eggs. Because in the process of birth, mothers physical exertion, sweating, body fluid deficiency, digestive capacity also decreased. If you eat eggs immediately after delivery, it is difficult to digest, increase the burden on the stomach. A few hours after childbirth, should eat semi liquid or liquid diet is appropriate. In the puerperal period, pregnant mothers, are given according to the national nutrition standards, need every day about 100 grams of protein, therefore, eat an egg every day from 3 to 4 is enough. Excessive consumption of eggs will be相关的主题文章: