Drag only 0.25 Roewe vision-r production version of the official figure exposure bleep

Drag only 0.25 Roewe Vision-R production version of the official Netcom agency exposure Roewe Vision-R concept car from Roewe’s official production version of the details of the official figure. It is reported that the new car will debut at the Guangzhou motor show, the drag coefficient of only 0.25 of its smooth atmospheric modeling. For a reference, in production models a new generation of Mercedes Benz E class car drag coefficient is 0.23. Currently, the official name of the production version of the model has not been determined, is expected to be officially announced at the Guangzhou motor show. This new production version according to Roewe previously released the Roewe concept Vision-R to build, with its latest "rhythm" design language, the front face of the grille chrome area compared to Roewe stage products increased, the body more details of using straight lines will be sharp and full of visual transverse tensile. Thus the exposure of the rearview mirror details of the map, the new car with the body with the integrated rear view mirror lights. After optimization of the design of the rearview mirror, rearview mirror vision to be better protected, while its shape has a good effect on aerodynamics, directly reflected in the performance of noise, fuel consumption, etc.. [after the exposure of the Roewe 550L declaration] tail, its style is very similar to the previous exposure Roewe 550L models. Two lateral arrangement of the taillights group occupies most of the visual center of gravity, the brake lights for the state of the lamp with LED light structure, delicate fashion. License plate frame above the silver chrome trim links on both sides of the taillights, the tail of a sense of hierarchy. The trunk lid and similar "duck tail" spoiler, chrome exhaust bilateral single roof, shark fin antenna, these elements constitute the tail of the full visual effect. Power, the new car is expected to be equipped with 1.5 liter inline four cylinder turbocharged engine, maximum power of 124 kilowatts, the maximum torque of $250 m, matching the 7 speed dual clutch gearbox. In addition, the new car is also expected to provide a new 1.0T inline three cylinder turbocharged engine. (Photo by Huang Xuan)相关的主题文章: