Don’t let the pomp, welcome leaders more difficult polartec

Don’t let the pomp, welcome leaders more difficult Sina News column "not Mandarin" (author Chen Jian) officials and is not trivial. In recent years, and there are better, but not absolutely forbidden, "mineral water bottles of Moutai", "from the ground to the underground", "from the city to the countryside, more and more invisible, there is a gradual variation trend, impossible to guard against. I work for a long time in leadership, countryside research, inspection, local officials said at the reception meal hard-earned leadership, or both: luxury, unshowy, pomp, and leadership eat happy. There are a lot of local cadres often quietly asked me, what the leaders love to eat, there is no taboo diet, what kind of wine to drink. They spend more time on the reception than the work itself to be checked. Later work, I also participated in some reception work, well aware of the reception work experience in sour, sweet, bitter, hot, but also the current situation and problems in dealing with some officials on the way, people want to eat eat and fear in violation of regulations, please people want to please even in violation of regulations, so try to avoid. For example, the following story, can peep some. 1, baked a few sweet potatoes on the line!" Once a great leadership to the county inspection. The most important task is to welcome inspection work in the reception, reception office comrades very seriously, inquire about the leadership of the native place, know that he is a northerner, carefully menu, not only highlight the characteristics of the local, but also with the leadership of the northern taste. Of course, pasta is unavoidable, go outside to please baking steamed buns, reception office repeatedly explained: not to use yeast, fermentation of dough. Until five pm, the end of the survey, in the lounge when chatting, a magistrate from time to time. Talk to the diet, the county magistrate said the people’s daily to see the public on the best food is sweet potato. Here the leading voice getting high: usually I at home for dinner is a few sweet potato, our cadres, in question must not extravagance and waste. I think tonight, just a couple of sweet potatoes! County Party Secretary repeatedly promised. By the time of the toilet, the county Party Secretary immediately explain the county office director, dinner ready to roast sweet potatoes, the County Office of the director of the office of the director of the rush to inform. Where can I buy a baked sweet potato? The reception office director sweating. Three car three team split up to find high streets and back lanes baked sweet potato, usually near the county people’s Square to sell KaoGongShu, but today they don’t see figure, it can be difficult to bad reception office people. Near 6 p.m., finally in a public toilet, find a sell KaoGongShu stalls: Uncle not bargain, give you 500 yuan to buy all the baked sweet potato! Put aside the money reception office people carrying ten or twenty sweet potato ran, half uncle was slow to God, while they loudly said: if they eat less, eat this much more! 2, do not put oil, water boiled vegetables "director Li" three high ", dare not eat greasy things, the countryside survey, have confessed:" do not put oil, boiled vegetables!" To this end, director Lee also received a "green director" in the world, especially in the current "eight provisions" and against the "four winds", for its elegance. Poverty alleviation research, province)相关的主题文章: