Don’t fear the imperial EV E5 with the price of how to choose the Sohu car xhero

Don’t fear the imperial EV E5 with the price of what? – car / automobile Sohu Sohu prospective owners E garden in Beijing, once again to every two months once the Yaohao time, you have no success? Our editorial department has a boy, from the first Yaohao, has now started to work, I still had to turn indicators, embrace new energy. But at the beginning of the car is anxious, too expensive to buy, cheap to buy, tangled to tangle in BYD E5 and Geely to EV guilty of worry, the price is basically the same, size is not much difference, how to choose? Some people say that it is the imperial EV underlying Qin EV, but we take a look at the price, the price range is EV Qin before subsidies 259 thousand and 800 yuan -30.98 yuan, the highest price of imperial EV was 249 thousand and 800 yuan, a difference of 60 thousand, estimated that enough for several years the electric charge. So we can only get back to the small guy. But if from the design aspect, apparently based on the new imperial built imperial EV has a more fashion, and the design of the E5 from the BYD speed sharp contrast, is somewhat moderate, but for design problems, who said. From the space point of view, BYD E5 and the imperial EV in the same model ride, the performance space is completely consistent, so there are doubts about space buddies can not tangle. After reading the basic information of the vehicle, we have to look at the configuration of the differences between the same price of the BYD E5 and the imperial EV, so in the end I consider the design factors, can be more intuitive to see the two car difference, also can better help prospective owners to make decisions. Summary: in between these two models hesitant consumers, there is BYD E5 endurance and power level is higher, and the imperial EV in the design and configuration of the dominant, exactly how to choose is not very difficult to believe, as long as you need to understand what aspect. In addition to say is actually the imperial EV’s main competitor is BYD Qin EV and Beiqi new energy EU260, the imperial EV price will be the same as in E5, but also causes the market price war based on the premise of how in a considerable level, it is not cheap to buy consumer who is who?相关的主题文章: