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The documentary "change world war" – broadcast in Australia Foxtel History Channel Beijing Beijing in September 19, CCTV science channel, China International Television Corp in cooperation with the Australian company bears documentary "change world war" (upper and lower), and in September 13th 20 in the Australian Foxtel History Channel evening prime time broadcast. The war to change the world is the international version of the documentary "the main battlefield of the East". According to the creative team, the area differs from the original documentary material by simply hand edited by foreign media and broadcast the international version of the production, from the beginning of 2014 creation, explore the science channel is committed to the establishment of a national media documentary international cooperation and communication mechanism, Australia agreed each 50% investment proportion of joint production, hire experts to Australia about China historical literature history of the war, with nearly a year of running in the view of history and value. The two sides separately collect global war precious images of the material, the team 7 round trips in Australia will discuss, the 10 revision of the text. These efforts are in order to make the film not only reflects the international perspective, in line with the international express, to adapt to international communication, and objectively tells Chinese story, fully embodies the China status, ensure international discourse Chinese problems in the anti fascist war of the world. In this cooperation, the two sides established a good cooperation mechanism and friendship. The Australian wild bear CEO Michael Tear said, "change the world war" success is not only because it involves the abundance and importance, is the mode of cooperation is based on shared values, this is truly a joint production, there are different traditions, different modes of documentary people work together in harmony together, something worthy to be proud of the work of both sides. It tells the story of the birth of the international audience "new China", if you do not understand this war to change the world, it is impossible to understand China and China and neighboring countries, China and the world. In May 27th this year, "change the world war" was held in the Australian premiere in Sydney, and lead in the Australian media and the international community for World War II starting time, Chinese Chinese and China culture war, today a series of focus of attention. It is reported that the same version of the film aired with Australia, in September 20th 22:06 CCTV Science Channel on free. (Li Jinhua)相关的主题文章: