Do You Want To Catch Huge Bass Then Follow These 2 Easy

Fishing Are you sick of leaving the lake empty handed? There’s nothing more frustrating than fishing all day and not even catching a cold. I know what it’s like. When I first started fishing in 2007, I didn’t catch anything for the first few months. I shouldn’t say I didn’t catch anything. I caught a few small sunfish here and there and even landed a sickly looking catfish once! I almost gave up. The only thing that stopped me was the fact that I found it so relaxing and it was really one of the few chances I had to be alone and think. I desperately wanted to catch fish. Specifically, I wanted to catch largemouth bass. These fish can get so big and wild that catching them is extremely fun. Then something happened! I met an older gentleman at one of the local fishing holes and we hit it off. Before I knew it, he was spilling his guts and teaching me tons of secrets he learned in his 40+ years of fishing. Do you want to know a couple of the best tips he gave me? Good, because I’m about to share them with you. Here are two great tips that will definitely help you to catch some huge largemouth bass: 1. Fish Plastic Worms Extremely Slow – This is something I never would have learned on my own. Lots of people think that the only way to catch big bass is to wiggle and jerk their plastic baits and make noise in the water. The truth is that the real big bass often feed deeper and move slower. Reeling in a plastic worm very slow and close to the bottom can produce some monster bass! 2. Don’t Try To Fool The Fish With Flashy Lures – Every time I shop for tackle, I see all of these bright yellow and orange lures. Guess what? It’s nothing more than a marketing tactic. The lures are actually made to catch the eye of the shopper, not the fish! For best results, fish with silver, gray, and darker colored lures. Lures that resemble small baitfish and insects work best. Huge bass have lived long enough to get that big because they are smart. You aren’t going to fool them with a multi-colored lure. Sometimes the best fishing advice doesn’t .e from books, it .es from those with experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: