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Defense Ministry: China participate in the RIMPAC exercise by the three harvest – Sohu news news agency in Beijing in August 25,   (Li Chun) China Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said on the 25, China to participate in the Pacific Rim -2016 joint exercises "to develop a vision of" training the team "and" spread the friendship "three harvest. On the day of the Department of Defense’s regular press conference, Wu Qian introduced, the ring too -2016 joint exercise on August 5th, the 5 Chinese naval fleet consisting of the formation of the ship to participate in the exercise of the 153. During the exercise, the Chinese Navy and other countries jointly completed the main gun firing, sailing supplies, anti piracy, submarine rescue, tactical maneuvers and other subjects of the exercise. Wu Qian believes that China is participating in the three harvest: one is to develop a vision, a concrete understanding of his country’s Navy Combat concept, training methods and logistical support; two is the training of the team, through joint exercises, exercise ability and response to maritime security threats; three is to spread the friendship through a variety of activities, and enhance mutual understanding and trust of foreign navies, transfer the sincere desire to expand exchanges and deepen cooperation. The spokesman also said, "very sorry" to the "fiscal year 2000 National Defense Authorization Act" on the grounds, China appeared in the project were limited, China is firmly opposed to it. The development of Sino US military relations needs the joint efforts of both sides, China urged the United States to take practical action to eliminate the effect of legal obstacles for the development of military relations, along with China to promote the healthy and steady development of relations between the two armies. "A healthy and stable military relations is of great significance to the development of bilateral relations." In response to the exchange and cooperation between China and the United States military issues, Wu Qian said that the Sino US military relations between the two countries is an important part of bilateral relations. China attaches great importance to the development of Sino US military relations and has made unremitting efforts. Wu Qian pointed out that the maintenance and development of any kind of relationship, both sides need to work together. "We believe that China and the United States should strengthen dialogue, communication, exchanges and cooperation between the two armies, properly handle differences and sensitive issues, and push forward the healthy and stable development of bilateral relations," he said."相关的主题文章: