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Day house for abuse: similar to the "sound of the form" as the cause of depression in the cartoon, in general, have seen the works of depression, ordinary people will slowly, to see the work of healing. For example, just read the "April is your lies" who does not immediately go to see "no name", but to see "the swaying Lily". Recently, the Japanese have a shake M "sound shape" after reading that is not fun, went online to find abuse: 1:2016 0918 (Japan) want to experience that do not want to live the feeling. 2:2016 0918 (day), "the shape of the sound" of the depression is not too heavy. 3:2016 (0918 days) to "baby". (Penguin mother: This is God’s truth, the top must be a good person, want to let me heal it.) 4:2016 0918 (day) caused by depression… You are mistaken, this is not stuck out? 6:2016 0918 (day) good night cloth. Penguin: father missing, mother in hospital. A lonely boy, his name is cloth. The story of a man who has found his life again 7:2016 0918 (day) legend of sword wind. If you put all the characters together, you can get into the top ten 8:2016 0918 (day) you can read the comic book of the guard. Penguin: representative of the "evil of China," "drifting Internet cafes," I am in the rationale for MA 10:2016 0918 (Japan) "Brad Harry’s carriage". (Penguin mother: aloof aristocrat born, unfair life, since it is condemned why pretend to have to consider their human rights? The innocent girl was peacefully to sacrifice their rights and interests, and people think? To the depression, heavy mouth. 16:2016 (0918 days) to read a total of real cartoons. 17:2016 0918 (day) "the spring of triangle grass". (Penguin mother: talking about the transfer students Chunhua bullied, students at the end of the story of revenge. The dark system, which has been so depressing, has a poetic name 25:2016 0918 (day) read "CLANNAD"? (Penguin mother: a lot of people into the house for it, a Key agency into the deep sea.) 28:2016 (0918 days) to "ite" little magic. To tell the truth, the author’s character is too bad. 34:2016 0918 (Japan) "dislocation of youth". Penguin: in fact, it is a very simple story of youth, but the wild can draw so sad, and so memorable Do you have what depressing works recommended? Let the storm come more violent! Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: