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Danish travel: people want to elope to the Eyre island? R? Lead: last week, when I finished "if you love to read Andersen’s fairy tale", greatly relieved, was naive to think that the rest of the article is written in Mito + introductory text, namely the Raiders is good. It wasn’t until this moment that it was all that much. If Odense was a fairy tale Town, then Eyre Island (r?) was a fairy tale. Eyre island "fairy tale" only Andersen can be estimated Yueranzhishang. What about me? Most will be in my heart the most beautiful she described to you to listen! Hello, Eyre island! 1. Flyfox unavoidable stereotypes, I need to tell you the basic knowledge on the island of Eyre, especially in the case of lack of data Chinese (this sentence is not attracted your attention? Actually, not many tourists on the island Chinese). Called an American media as one of Europe’s ten most beautiful sunset Eyre Island (? R?) for maple Island (Maple Island), is located in the south of Denmark, and across the sea port city of Hamburg, germany. The islanders left about 6300 people, mainly in the? R? SK? Bing, Marstal and S? By three on the island, the phrase "should go out to meet acquaintances" situation where often occur. This time we have the privilege of the speedboat ride to the island of Birkholm turn a circle, a total of 6 residents on the island, they should know more than you can imagine, it can be called a family! 2. The islanders after about 90 minutes of the ferry, we arrived at the island of Eyre, seeing is believing. Welcome to our "white haired uncle" Carl and his colleague "cousin" Bj? Rg. Carl is the island’s "seat", but love to lie prone; Bj? RG is the island’s "housekeeper", but love photography. The two company, you have to guess this is what will eat eat eat, patting, walk walk trip! Our first stop on the island of Eyre, is also the base camp, is Marstal (alias: Captain village Skipper Village). Marstal is the largest island on the island of Eyre, once a small village for sailors. Marstal born Danish writer Carsten Jensen’s book also mentioned that: men on the island to leave their homeland, sail. Carl said that Eyre once had a Chinese, but there are a lot of people in Southeast asia. At that time, some people in the seaman with their lover back to the island of Philippines, and settled down; this is why I was in the hotel the alley to see the faces of the people in Southeast Asia ms.. Today, Marstal is one of the most prosperous economies and entertainment on the island of Eyre. If you want to live your whole life and love her, or if you want to find a special marriage registration, then go to Eyre island! The island has never been short of romance for seafarers, and each year about 2800 couples are sworn in on Eyre island. If you have to give me the reason to get married there, well, first of all, R? Bing maintained the most primitive streets and buildings in eighteenth Century, sk.相关的主题文章: