Cool night three years to eat dirt skin mask film.

Cool night three years to "eat dirt" skin mask film ah lead: with the first snow falls, the winter cold is also a new upgrade, increase the indoor temperature resulted in more dry skin grain is rampant, even though a variety of moisturizing coup, artifact together, also cannot pull the skin dry lines, rampant overnight old situation, so to stick to the skin contains natural moisturizing ingredients and mineral mud mask is the positive solution. (source: Ruili nets) cooling night three years to the skin "eat dirt" deposited mud film thousands of a mask ah why not less mud mud film film contains rich minerals, these minerals and trace elements are very important to help skin retain moisture, soothing and rough mud on muscle table skin metabolism. To do a good job of cleaning the skin, to avoid the eye, according to the inside out, from the bottom to the direction of the skin to cover the pores of the thinnest thickness of the mud mask smear on the face. And in the mask dry, but still retain moisture when clean. Mud film natural ingredients for the first time to be careful use of natural ingredients for the first time using mud film to contain natural mineral rich mud mask carefully, the skin is not acceptable, so the initial use of mud film, coated on the ear after 10-15 minutes after the wash the mud film. If there is no redness, itching and other allergic reactions can be assured. Skin care to eat also eat soil mud film after skin nourishing into mud mask after the skin clean, the skin is rich in minerals, the absorption of nutrients is more sensitive, choose light texture, moisturizing lotion is applied repeatedly, finger hard to click, with finger hard to click, more skin full add water. Forehead, chin, and so on, beat more than other parts of the longer, you can improve the skin absorption, so that the skin evenly absorb moisture, you can let the skin overnight return to the state of adequate water, quickly young back. ORIGINS activated carbon pore mask ORIGINS net through the net through the pores of activated carbon mask 200 yuan 75ml natural strong adsorption force, like a magnet like deep deep pores, fine oil absorption of dirt and impurities, purify pores; Chinese white clay, with powerful absorption for the skin, remove excess oil, dust and pollutants. And other impurities, to help smooth the skin, bright and transparent sense of reply. Natural mineral essence beauty volcano mud mask beauty volcano mud mask 72 yuan 100g from mud volcano, with excellent control ability, can effectively wash away the skin surface and inside the pores of excess oil, and remove impurities in the pores, make skin clean and meticulous, to prevent excessive oil secretion and the formation of acne, the skin looks after cleaning smooth and delicate, just like new. Innisfree mud volcano rock pore cleansing mousse Firming Mask Innisfree volcano rock mud pore cleansing mousse Firming Mask 140 cleansing mask containing more than 2 times of the mud volcano rock particles, and solve 6 big pores trouble, the porous structure of Jeju Island volcano mud rock large micro pore, make skin clean. Mamonde mud pore refining mask 109.相关的主题文章: