Cool first half of 2016 net loss of HK $2 billion 53 million fell 173%- Sohu Technology jiqingwuyuetian

Cool the first half of 2016 net loss of 2 billion 53 million Hong Kong dollar fell 173%- technology Sohu Sohu Technology Wen Mao Qiying August 30th news, cool released half year results show that in 2016, cool the first half of 2016 revenue of HK $5 billion 277 million and HK $8 billion 783 million for the same period last year, down 39.9%. During the reporting period recorded a profit to a loss of HK $2 billion 53 million over the same period last year, net profit of HK $2 billion 837 million, down 173%. The basic loss per share was HK $40.9. Cool announcement, said the decline in revenue during the reporting period was mainly due to the reorganization of the group’s business unit and the first half of 2016 China’s smart phone market competition intensified. The loss recorded during the reporting period was mainly due to the interests of the group. Reported that in the first half from 4G smartphone sales revenue of HK $5 billion 60 million, an annual decline of 36.9%. Revenue from the cool 3G smartphone sales of HK $102 million, an annual decrease of 83%. Wireless applications from mobile applications revenue of approximately HK $81 million 900 thousand, an annual decrease of 41.4%, consistent with the downward trend in revenue. Prior to this, the cool group released "insider information and profit warning" official notice, is expected in 2016 will be a loss of about 2 billion 50 million Hong Kong dollars (Contract: RMB: $1 billion 766 million). Among them, with Tech Time Limited and Coolpad E-commerce Inc Development. The expected loss of approximately 1 billion 890 million Hong Kong dollars under the share adjustment framework agreement. It can be seen, and the love triangle between Qihoo 360, LETV let cool suffered huge losses, depending on the current music become cool group’s largest shareholder. As the cool CEO Liu Jiangfeng in August 16th and pushed the first mobile phone cool1 ecological dual, it triggered a hot Internet, booking volume also pull cool recent rally (which, Hong Kong stocks rose 8% in August 17th). Can be seen, whether from the level of capital or the user’s understanding of the ecological level, the expectations are relatively high cool. Vice chairman Liu Hong cool group in cool1 dual ecological mobile phone conference made it clear that this year, the music + cool mobile phone sales target, 5000-6000 million, in 2017 will enter the 100 million mobile phone industry ecosystem, and strive to fourth, into the "Chinese music in" camp. Today, as cool as the music is not more than the United States Amazon, but Jia Yueting proposed ecological counter. Liu Jiangfeng earlier in the cool Conference on communication for mobile phone cool proposed "five three year" goal, which in five years sales of billions of dollars to cool, cool cool group mobile phone industry first, the market value of over 100 billion. Liu Jiangfeng said, after the music became cool cool in the first major shareholders, more ecological platform, completed the transformation to the Internet Ecological pure Hard Suits Inc Hard Suits Inc, let cool Chinese brand has become the most popular consumer brands, is not only a mobile phone, the future.相关的主题文章: