Conan to the rescue! Kojima Shimotota was arrested for tracking female idiot-yezimei

Conan to the rescue! "Kojima Shimotota" was the idiot because tracking women arrested Japanese cartoonist Gosho Aoyama’s works "detective Conan" has been born for 20 years, many characters in the book are subject to a lot of readers. As one of the members of the young detective Kojima Shimotota, with his chubby appearance and features like known. Recently, the island has a man named Kojima Shimotota, because of the arrest of women arrested by the police. Say that the same name with the celebrity will be other people’s attention, did not expect the same name with the animation role can become the focus of attention. Recently, Japan Hyogo a 27 year old named Kojima Shimotota convenience store clerk, set out by apple and the mailbox password of girls, illegal landing iCloud background through the real-time tracking and positioning system of girls up to 986 times, now the Kojima Shimotota has been arrested by the police. With "detective Conan" in the name of Kojima Shimotota’s little brother, is also a chowhound? But you can’t do such a bad thing, or Conan will come out and expose you. We will take a look at the views of netizens. "The convenience store clerk is 27 years old, and it’s Gosho Aoyama who has stolen the name of Kojima Shimotota." "If it’s just the same name that doesn’t pay attention, it’s the reason why we’re so ashamed." "All right! Conan, your brother is in prison. Is it time to visit?" "Actually have time to track hundreds of times, the convenience of staff do not have to go to work? And has been tracking only a girl, it seems true love!" "Paparazzi welcome you! Perseverance is so good, it seems that it will not be long before the peak of life." Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: