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Common fault of automobile! Oil? Abnormal sound? No matter what to buy cars to see Sohu cars many friends want to buy a car, before looking at the beloved models will be to consider the small car problems more or less, if you buy a car back three months maintenance overhaul of the half is really very disappointed, on the other hand, old drivers in the car to keep a car, also because of these small problems to determine the quality of the process of a car’s good or bad, today, who collected 3 more multiple small problems, elaborate, let everyone know too much. If the car gets more fuel in accordance with the same driver driving skills, more and more car fuel consumption is certainly wrong where, we are divided into internal and external parts of the body. Tires: tire pressure is insufficient, the tire is worn, when driving wheel is running, the deviation can boost the tire and local friction, not only damage the tire and increase fuel consumption. Engine: carbon carbon formation with a variety of situations, including long idle, not to turn over 2000 manual Guadang, probably carbon effect will be reflected in the 7-8 million kilometers, dismantling the engine to wash it, if not re assembly process is exquisite, professor also recommend the use of detergent additives add, high-grade gasoline occasional good high-speed lara. Attrition: like a clutch manual transmission car, how many kilometers does not replace the fixed value, which is related to the individual operation habit and the quality of the parts, you put in that the clutch pedal is more and more high, strong enough before clutch, in most cases it is the clutch slipping, slipping will cause the engine speed is lost. Will affect the increase in fuel consumption, the clutch can be better. With slow or uneven road noise has been a friend to reflect his new car when about 10 thousand kilometers, through the deceleration zone or abnormal sound is often heard a creak, and to the maintenance staff said nothing, she worried about whether there are security risks. The professor Views: first judge the noise came from the brake disc or shock, if a braking deceleration with abnormal sound disappears, so should check the clearance of the brake disc and brake pads, a check in the maintenance, and if the voice appears in the shock absorber, should check the top rubber shock absorber. If you often go, bumpy sections, the top rubber is easy to fracture, fracture after not buffer function, it is recommended to check frequently were replaced, the price is not expensive. The brake has the sharp sound to the disc type brake vehicle, when the brake is sending out the sharp sound is the normal matter, then this is what reason? Professor: normally, if the brake pads are some small metal particles, the brakes will occur when the sharp sound, in the course of time will disappear, or remove the re polished, add a bit, if you see the dashboard brake lights when you release the handbrake, that is to remind you of brake wear serious, need to be replaced. These 3 small problems, the professor believes that is a normal fault, we do not have to worry too much about the safety of the car when the car, according to the professor’s proposal to go.相关的主题文章: