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Comments: Guo Degang and tear each other is a repeat of the history of the history of Cao Yunjin, (source: JINGWAH times) tear each other, it seems to be the main theme of the comic door for twenty years in the past years. In the seventh generation comic artist Guo Degang [micro-blog] as a link, rip Yang Zhigang, tutor uncle Hou Yaohua, under Cao Yunjin denounced [micro-blog], He Yunwei, Li Jindou, Wang Yang, Jiang Kun swept, Guo Degang can be described as "king of the crosstalk quarrel". The day before, Guo Degang borrowed Deyunshe twenty anniversary, is named after the apostle OD [micro-blog], and pushed the genealogy, order the political arena, not happy. Guo Degang’s happy, but it is the pain point of Cao Yunjin, and the pain of the point of the pain of the pain of the pain of the pain of the. For Guo Degang expelled his article, Cao Yunjin wrote seven words long, slightly angry Chen past, speaking from the apprentice to run errands, fame is ultimately to harmony, the background, and eventually go their separate ways. The key point is to declare that the cloud word source, not Guo Degang gift name, but by the predecessors of the Zhang Wenshun, from the name of the study, listen to the cloud xuan". Today, Cao Yunjin’s theater called "listen to the cloud Xuan comic conference", is also a separate declaration of war. "Beijing is the predecessor of Deyunshe comic conference, co founded by Zhang Wenshun, Guo Degang and Li Jing’s performance in the form of counting the twenty anniversary of the so-called Deyunshe establishment is obviously from 1996 three people cooperation. I listen to the Department of de cross talk has been twelve years for Zhang Wenshun, the following people understand how some. Cao Yunjin and Guo Degang in this round of public opinion is the contradiction between wave, deposition, lake water is nothing more than "fame and fortune" two words. The first class Guo Degang squeezed in between the traditional music artists and modern enterprise contract, both father and son mentoring kindness, or to the modern relationship between the chairman of the company’s employees, are difficult to deal with the paradox of crosstalk in modern society. This art is bound to the traditional way of preaching tuition will be the unique master and apprentice, is a part of life and art craft fame with the sight of people, but also to do odd jobs to pay the tuition. Close to free for my work in the next period of time, how in the future, harmony to live in peace on the stage? No one can give a perfect solution, which no one can decide the right and wrong, is nothing more than their own standing in their position onlookers comment, the parties and stakeholders is not biased. The current Deyunshe show director Wang Yuqin for example, he is also the wife of Guo Degang, a cousin of Wang Hui, in his book, "Qin said:" my mouth Deyunshe eyes clear said Deyunshe founder Guo Degang and Wang Hui, so this is Zhang Wenshun, Wang Wenlin, Li Jing, Gao Xiaopan, Wang Yuebo and other predecessors [micro-blog] and in the backbone the history of where? Zhang Wenshun then became what Zhiyu nothing? Today, led by Zhang Wenshun de four old (the other three are Wang Wenlin, Li Wenshan, Xing Wenzhao) has already died, go with the wind, the death of cloistered seclusion, right to speak entirely in the hands of Guo Degang and his cronies. Four little old Devon (Li Jing, He Yunwei, Cao Yunjin, Liu Yuntian [micro-blog]) just leave, Deyunshe did not chase, Guo Degang was in Beijing TV station and the relevant departments of public accountability, zigubuxia. Now Yue Yunpeng [micro-blog] into相关的主题文章: