Chongqing old imperial erhu often practiced into the night neighbor alarm

Started learning erhu erhu practice of Chongqing old imperial late neighbor alarm Wansheng through the open area of the Zhang mother half a year ago, often practice hard into the night, did not expect the residents caused resentment. 17 evening 10, the neighbor soldier (alias) alarm for help: "listen to half a year, really can not listen to go down."." "An old woman is still learning to play erhu, so you can help me."!" 17 on the evening of 10, Wansheng police station received the Tashan Wandong area residents soldier alarm. "This sounds like the erhu and neigh like a horse, you don’t know it’s a bad ah!" The soldier said, Zhang mother almost every night like the erhu, not only play badly, often get into the night, sometimes 11 at night are still learning. Zhang Popo said, her usual hobby for the cultivation of interest free, half a year ago, in the recommendation of a friend to learn erhu. For early completion, she often practice overtime, did not expect to be residents of disgust. "Really embarrassed, disturb them to rest."." Zhang Popo learned that someone called the police, feeling very surprised, but expressed understanding. She says that nothing can be done in haste, and that sooner or later will be finished or practiced outside.

重庆老太学二胡常练到深夜 邻居忍无可忍报警   万盛经开区的张婆婆半年前开始学拉二胡,时常刻苦练习到深夜,没想到引起小区居民反感。17日晚10时,邻居小兵(化名)报警求助:“听了半年,实在听不下去了。”   “小区一老太婆这么晚还在学拉二胡,你们帮忙劝一下吧!”17日晚10时,万盛万东派出所民警接到塔山小区居民小兵报警。   “这二胡声断断续续像马一样嘶叫,你不晓得那才叫一个难听啊!”小兵说,张婆婆几乎每晚都拉二胡,不仅拉得不好,还经常弄到深夜,有时晚上11点都还在学习。   张婆婆说,她平时闲来无事,为培养点兴趣爱好,半年前在朋友推荐下学拉二胡。   为早日学成,她时常加班加点练习,没想到遭到小区居民的反感。   “确实不好意思,打搅他们休息了。”张婆婆得知有人报警感觉很诧异,但表示理解。   她表示,学什么都不能急于求成,今后将尽量提前结束或到外面练习。相关的主题文章: