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"Chinese special for the film will be out of the audience – Sohu culture channel from the development of the status quo," Chinese special for the film will become a gradually outdated form — from "actor for" point of view, the domestic big coffee line no longer clinging to soy sauce in Hollywood. However, if the domestic film to let the waves not good, bad IP tablets so rampant, whether or not the "special 3D", Hollywood industrial pipeline large domestic market is still very impressive. "China special" is not only the 3D "the Bourne 5" caused in the domestic "special 3D" version of the dispute has not yet subsided. This is probably the 2014 "super body", is the most powerful "Chinese Tucao for 3D Hollywood. In fact, the Hollywood "Chinese special for the film far more than 3D, the 2D version of the difference. From 2013 "Iron Man 3" after the screening of the domestic version abruptly joined Wang Xueqi and Fan Bingbing, "Chinese special" Hollywood movies began to get out of hand. China actor — adding familiar in the film appearance of course number and time is not the focus of publicity is the value of the topic of Hollywood. Special edition of the "Iron Man 3", Wang Xueqi and Fan Bingbing in the film is not acting at all, just a dozen of soy sauce, passing on the existence of. If the actor for practice of audience rejection, then 3D special approach to China, fans discontent to get the maximum of the outbreak, and thus accelerate the development prospects of the end "Chinese special piece". Hollywood film from the 2D version into 3D, Chinese mainland viewers have to pay 1/2 of the fare, such as super body only 3D version of the country, the audience has no other viewing options. The film side and the introduction of the hope that the 3D effect to make money, but do not want to produce the equivalent of the film finished. Some netizens Tucao 3D special edition "the Bourne 5": it is only the beginning of a few minutes to produce the 3D effect, the rest 100 minutes 3D glasses is completely superfluous. Put an end to "special 3D" policies and regulations need to be improved for the Hollywood 3D approach is essentially a thoroughly bad business behavior to grab the interest, in the premise of alienation treatment, 3D for this simple and crude form inspired Chinese fans expanding negative emotions, but also intensify the country antipathy to Hollywood "China special for the film and rejection. However, for the 3D "China one after another Hollywood special for the film’s release, the official protocol is intriguing. In early 2012, the two sides on how to solve the related problems of WTO film reached an agreement: the agreement shows Chinese imported large quota increased to 34 from 20 of the original, increased quota must be IMAX or 3D film. Due to the benefit of the 3D film revenue is much higher than the cost of its restructuring, so the film side continued to increase efforts to invest in the Chinese market 3D film – have to say that this is now the domestic film market, the impact of the policy of flooding 3D. Many people think that to change this situation, the domestic cultural industry related legal regulation is very important. It is reported that in September 1, 2015, the country相关的主题文章: