Chinese Kampuchea issued a joint statement on the Cambodian side reiterated its opposition to Taiwan 3u8895

Chinese Kampuchea issued a joint statement on the Cambodian side reiterated its opposition to Taiwan independence " " – Sohu Military Channel Xinhua Phnom Penh on 13 October, People’s Republic of China and Kingdom of Cambodia joint declaration, King Norodom of Kampuchea? The king invited People’s Republic of China President Xi Jinping in October 13, 2016 to 14 on a state visit to Kingdom of Cambodia. During the visit, President Xi Jinping met with Kampuchea’s King Norodom and Prime Minister Prince Hong Sen Sihamoni?. The two sides in a cordial and friendly atmosphere, in-depth exchange of views on the new situation to further deepen the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Cambodia and international and regional issues of common concern, and reached broad consensus. Two, the two sides are pleased with the achievements of economic and social development of the two countries. China sincerely hopes that the people of Kampuchea will achieve greater achievements in maintaining political stability, promoting economic development, improving people’s lives and promoting international status. Cambodia sincerely wish Chinese people to win the "two one hundred year" the goal of building a well-off society, the Chinese built a prosperous, democratic and civilized and harmonious modern socialist country, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream. Three, both sides believe that by President Mao Zedong, Premier Zhou Enlai and other leaders of the older generation Chinese and Norodom? Sihanouk, his Majesty King father together to create and nurture the Cambodia friendship, both sides should jointly maintain and develop good. In the current international and regional situation is undergoing profound and complex evolution of the background, the two sides will strengthen strategic communication, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, continuously enrich the bilateral comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership and better for the well-being of the people of the two countries to promote peace, stability and development of the region and the world to make a positive contribution to prosperity. Four, the two sides agreed to maintain close high-level contacts and mutual visits a good tradition, the leaders of the two countries will continue to adopt flexible ways on bilateral relations and major issues of international and regional situation timely exchange of views, to lead the new era of Sino Cambodian relations development. We will strengthen exchanges and cooperation between governments, parliaments, political parties and local governments, deepen exchanges of experience in managing state affairs, and strengthen communication and coordination at various levels. Play well in the Cambodian government coordination committee, to coordinate and promote pragmatic cooperation in various fields. Five, the two sides agreed to continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of diplomacy, defense and law enforcement security. Signed during the implementation of the cooperation between the two foreign ministries and visit the protocol on the strengthening of the new situation of the cooperation agreement, close communication and cooperation at all levels. Keep all levels of military delegations to deepen exchanges, personnel training, military training, logistics equipment and other areas of cooperation, strengthen multilateral security coordination. To carry out domestic security, combating transnational crimes, human trafficking and Telecommunications fraud, terrorism, drug smuggling, and law enforcement and case investigation and other aspects of cooperation, and jointly safeguard peace and stability in their respective countries and regions. Six, the two sides agreed to pay attention from the strategic height and deepening of Cambodia development cooperation, to further tap potential of cooperation, enhance the level of cooperation. (a) the two sides spoke highly of the positive progress in economic cooperation and trade have agreed to speed up ", Chinese Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, "13th Five-Year" planning with Kampuchea "four相关的主题文章: