China through the network security act of major emergencies controllable network

Chinese can control network original title through the network security law of major emergencies: the fabric of network security dragnet: network security method six aspect analysis 7, the twelve session of the twenty-fourth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee voted through the "People’s Republic of China network security law". As a basic law in the field of network security, network security law from the first consideration to the final adoption, has been much attention. What are the highlights of this law? Reporters combed. One point: not allowed to sell personal information according to the China Internet Association released "2016 China report" protect the interests of Internet users, 84% of Internet users had experienced adverse effects due to leakage of personal information. From the second half of 2015 to the first half of this year, China’s Internet users because of spam, fraud information, personal information leakage and other economic losses suffered by up to 91 billion 500 million yuan. In recent years, a large number of cases, the police seized exposure showed that the leakage of personal information of citizens, collection, resale, has formed a complete industrial chain of black. Network security law to make special provisions: network products and services of the collection of user information function, the provider shall expressly consent to the user and network operators; shall not disclose, tampering, destruction of the collection of personal information; any individual or organization may be stolen or other illegal means to obtain personal information, shall not be sold or illegally providing illegal personal information to others, and the provisions of the corresponding legal responsibility. The research center of Communication University of China network law and intellectual property director Wang Sixin said the network security law as basic law focusing on the disclosure of personal information network field, not only clear the network products and services providers, operators of responsibility, to crack down on the sale of personal information and selling behavior, to protect the public security of personal information, will play a positive role. Aspect two: crack down on Internet fraud personal information disclosure is an important reason for the proliferation of Internet fraud. Fraudsters through illegal means to obtain personal information, including name, telephone number, home address and other details, and then the implementation of precision is impossible to guard against fraud. This year, the media attention of two college students in Shandong was the death of telecommunications fraud, Tsinghua University professor was a telecommunications fraud, because of the precise fraud caused by information leakage. In addition to prevent leakage of personal information, network security method for the new type of Internet fraud crime emerge in an endless stream also provides that: any individual or organization may be established for the implementation of fraud, criminal methods to teach, production or sale of contraband goods, control of criminal activities such as network station, communication group, and shall publish the implementation of fraud by network, production or sale of contraband control of goods, goods and other illegal and criminal activities of information. Communication law research center of China University of Political Science and Law deputy director Zhu Wei said, no matter how Internet fraud tricks renovation, is through instant messaging, search platform, web publishing platform, implementation and communication channels such as email. These regulations, not only to defraud individuals and organizations play a deterrent effect, but also a clear Internet companies can not shirk responsibility. Aspect three: in the form of a clear legal network Jun相关的主题文章: