China in September surpassed the United States as the world’s largest importer of crude oil

More than the United States China September compared the world’s largest importer of crude oil and crude oil imports on Thursday (October 13th) published by the customs data show that Chinese record high crude oil imports in September rose to 8 million 80 thousand barrels a day, an increase of 18%, more than the United States, has become the world’s largest importer of crude oil. In a report, the German commercial bank said last month that China’s oil price fell sharply. Just last year, China surpassed the United States to become the world’s largest oil importer, the annual import scale of nearly 3.4 tons, an increase of nearly 1.5 times compared with ten years ago. "The Wall Street journal" reported that, although Chinese crude demand initially helps absorb excess oil, but now Chinese is no longer "with extreme ease oversupply of" buffer zone "". China’s private "teapot" refinery is flooding its production of diesel and gasoline products into the global market. Analysis of the British "Financial Times", known as the "independent refinery teapot" accounted for Chinese refining capacity of about 1/5, since Beijing has granted them crude oil import license, they have to expand market share. But their eagerness to take advantage of the new import license has led to a wave of chaos in the northern province of Shandong this year, resulting in a wave of congestion and high storage costs. The impact of the recovery of the "teapot" refinery has gone beyond the domestic market, exacerbated by excess diesel production in China, and has brought pressure on the middle and Upper East Asian markets. Their license to export refined oil will fail at the end of the year, another disadvantage for the large state-owned enterprises. Stocks lost how to do? Look here, whether you fry A shares, stocks, gold or foreign exchange, where you can get the most accurate investment information. WeChat public concern number [Wall Street intelligence] (micro signal: iMarkets) how to do the transaction tired? See here, bringing together the world’s leading media headlines, broaden investor trading horizons. The headline is the headline. WeChat public concern [today’s headlines] (micro signal: ifeng_igold)相关的主题文章: