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The child crying and complaining, they really want to say is what Sohu author Guo Sijia Kay | maternal uncle said kaishushuo to understand the child’s emotions and every word of inner language, is not an easy thing. But it is not easy to teach children to express their true thoughts. On the one hand, give her a free expression of the real idea of a relaxed environment, as long as the courage to express, are encouraged, even if the expression is not good or not as good as your mind. On the other hand, in the process of communication and chat with the child, the child will be more and more to describe the way to describe, sometimes the more the child to understand the words, the more precise the meaning of expression. It’s far from being able to learn in class. Kids need you to talk to her and tell stories. In this process, slowly experience and express their feelings and feel the sense of propriety. Listen to the story of Kai Kai is also a good choice, Hei hei Of course, the most important thing is that we are not willing to express their true feelings in front of the children? The 1 operation to realize the 2 truth 1 surgery arm fracture group. On Thursday morning, two needle down, to avoid the risk of TB at the shift of healing. When the anesthetic effect in the past, the vuvuzela and howl for a while, understanding, comfort, hug, could not stop her strong wave of a wave of vent. The vuvuzela cry of the content contains 3 aspects: to put the pain away, want to drink water, eat soon to eat ice cream. She also warned me to be prepared, because she was about to hit her. Truth 1: the truth about 20 minutes later, I slightly enlarged volume, high tone, firmly told the vuvuzela: "it is a pity that you can drink 6 hours after dinner, do not eat ice cream today. But you can cry, you can call, I will not be angry or leave you. The good news is that some of the potions are now flowing into your body, and they are sent by doctors to inform the brain of the pain. But it takes time." Know the truth, even if it sounds not so good, but still accepted the vuvuzela, soon fell asleep. 2 hours later, zura woke up, the first sentence is: "Mom, I have no pain, it seems the signal corps mission." Truth 2: the truth of the mood when the child crying, vent, complain, the mouth often say: I’m not good! I just don’t listen! I want to beat! You are bad mother!" In fact, the heart is saying: "I do not like the feeling now! What I need is not just acceptance, understanding and comfort, but also the courage to face problems and the way to solve them! Mom, please help me!" Parent-child communication, the need for simultaneous interpretation, we all need the truth. Children need to know the truth of the matter to understand their relationship with the world, the mother needs to know the truth of emotions to adjust their relationship with their children. However, in the process of parent-child communication, the child’s inner truth is often masked by emotion. This is because the child lacks the power to control emotions -相关的主题文章: