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Chengdu Jintang Millennium river travel   will end in 2017; Tuojiang bridge built Sichuan ginkgo channel — original title: 2017 Jintang Millennium ginkgo Tuojiang bridge was built across the river trip will end Jintang Baiguo town ferry. There aren’t many people in the boat now. The master hu. The new bridge being built. In 2017 after the completion of Ginkgo Tuojiang bridge existing in Chengdu’s largest and busiest ferry to Chengdu, and retired from water, because the water hing. The ferry was once a familiar and friendly vehicle for the people of Chengdu. The changes of the times, ferry and ferry, already withdrew from the stage of history, and the water involved with nostalgia, but has never had. Chengdu City, northeast of ginkgo town of Jintang County, south of the river winds, will be divided into "Baiguo Town East" "West" area two. The local people is the continuation of the Millennium travel mode, white fruit Du is also an important port river, Tuojiang chant "resounded on both sides. Now, if the white cross, Chengdu’s largest and busiest public ferry, has entered the "retirement" countdown. A few hundred meters apart the ginkgo Tuojiang bridge, main project is expected to be completed in 2017 before the spring festival. By then, the bridge will assume the responsibility of residents. In October 6th, the WCC reporter went to the white fruit crossing, explore local residents of nostalgia. Ferry historical origin of the continuation of the Millennium Jiudingshan in northwestern margin of Sichuan basin formed the Tuojiang River, a tributary of Yangtze River in Jintang, through the Longquan mountains, a stable water potential. Located in the Longquan mountain Donglu ginkgo town, born by the grace of the Tuojiang river. Not far from the town town of Ginkgo Ginkgo ferry ferry is Chengdu’s largest public only annual passenger volume. In the center of the town of Ginkgo road side, along the 36 concrete steps, which could see the Tuojiang River is located in the boarding Pavilion, the pavilion eaves on the "ginkgo ferry" four red characters eye-catching. Nearly 400 meters wide, the earth will be slowly flowing through the Tuojiang River One divides into two., apart from the both sides of the village. "Live across the river, the Dragon King, 3 Village thousands of villagers compass. Every field day to the town fair work, the child to school, zouqingfangyou, their only way to travel is the ferry." Responsible for the safety supervision of the ferry signing the history of howard. The across a cycle of memory at 11 in the morning, the ferry across the river of ginkgo village 15 groups of Liu Youyin sitting on the ferry waiting area, he smiled coming from across the Tuojiang River overlooking the white ferry. Uncle Liu, you can do, old age is also speeding out." He and the village of Peng Daoquan old man carrying baskets came over to say hello. "The weather is good today, and the way to head out, Ginkgo (town)." Liu Youyin this year 81 years old, the body is still very good, every day will take the ferry to drive across the river of ginkgo town walk. "I live in the village along the river for 81 years, dealing with the ferry has more than 60 years. When I was a kid, I went to school by boat, and I bought a lot of things in the boat. I bought a lot of things. I went to the town by boat相关的主题文章: