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Chengdu 3rd Ring Rd capacityexpansion will transform 11 overpass Sichuan online news September 22nd, the Chengdu Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau official website for the first time on the 3rd Ring Rd expansion EIA publicity promotion project ", according to the publicity content, intends to broaden the tricyclic Voeux Road 12.5m, set up 4 lanes; quasi 4 newly built separate overpass and 7 pedestrian bridge; for the transformation of the 11 overpass overpass overpass, Phoenix sheep rhino, Kawa Hide, etc.; the implementation of the blue sky, 4 des Voeux Road West Baocheng node will run through; 3rd Ring Rd construction intelligent transportation management demonstration line. Protection and promotion of the existing three ring road green landscape, the construction of "rain garden". It is reported that the project investment 11 billion 566 million 144 thousand and 700 yuan. According to the announcement, the 3rd Ring Rd des Voeux Road, the auxiliary road to enhance remediation, based in the same line width and the basic form of the road section, auxiliary road widening is 12.5m, set up 4 lanes (including 3 lanes and 1 large capacity bus lanes). According to the sidewalk, sidewalk renovation will be present for non motorized vehicles (retaining existing trees), 3rd Ring Rd on both sides of the existing green road through the sidewalk as used to achieve the non separation". At the same time, according to the requirements of the highway and the main and auxiliary way to the transformation and optimization. In the auxiliary road traffic congestion node set bus priority signal system, the important traffic intersection set up under the bus tunnel, to provide the efficiency of public transport vehicles. Across the board to implement the white plus black project, the implementation of the necessary transformation and upgrading of the pipe network. 3rd Ring Rd expansion project will promote the implementation of the blue sky, Kawa Hide, West, 4 auxiliary road node Baocheng through the project, the important node through the auxiliary road. According to the plan of the road network system, will also be on the status of the 11 overpass (Phoenix interchange, interchange, interchange of gold grass sheep rhino, Wuhou (micro-blog WeChat) interchange, interchange, interchange and the space between the interchange, interchange, golden glass overpass, Su Po interchange and Tianfu Interchange) transformation. At the same time, it will build 4 separate interchange and 7 pedestrian bridges. In intelligent transportation, will be fully upgraded 3rd Ring Rd intelligent transportation system, the 3rd Ring Rd construction intelligent transportation strict demonstration line. To enhance the landscape, protection and enhancement of the 3rd Ring Rd across the landscape, especially the 3rd Ring Rd on both sides of the 50m wide greenbelt thematic design, landscape design to enhance quality, while the introduction of the concept of "sponge city", "rain garden construction".相关的主题文章: