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Changan police raided   scenic spot; a number of measures to cope with the golden week – Shaanxi channel — original title: the spot a number of measures to deal with police in Huashan golden week Cui security inspection yesterday, Changan police conducted raids before the national security of the scenic spots and key units within the jurisdiction, emergency measures to deal with possible. Cui Huashan scenic area: setting safety coordinates of this year’s National Day holiday approaching Chongyang Festival, Cui Huashan scenic area also has a large number of tourists are ready to welcome. In the morning of the security surprise checks, the police on the scenic traffic grooming, water area play notes, drowning emergency treatment program, mountaineering regional security patrol positions and other checks. The most noteworthy is that the Changan police also set up a "green and scenic spots of Huashan scenic area safety coordinates", if the visitors in the scenic area once lost, or in danger and need help, a time unable to describe the specific location of their own, you can find the nearest points to the police or scenic staff reported specific coordinates. This position will be locked immediately for tourists. In this regard, the Changan police also remind the tourists: "enter the green Huashan scenic scenic staff must obey the management, people do not walk around the car parked, and resolutely not to undeveloped region, the police in the area of stagnation during the national day. In case of emergency, you can contact the staff or call the alarm call." Qinling Mountains Wildlife Park: the distance between people and animals in Badaling in July 23rd, the animal world tiger wounding caused by a dead one injured after the incident, many people mention the zoo on fear. In fact, do not worry, at noon yesterday, Changan police have been to the Qinling Mountains wild animal park on its national security conducted a comprehensive inspection. Field staff said: "the import beast area each region is two doors, vehicles entering the first door, closed the first door open second doors, second door vehicles pulled out after the second door shut down immediately. All the door is provided with a ground grid, not near the door beast. In addition to all open and close the door manually, the staff sitting on the ground more than 5 meters of the booth, booth set in the beast area outside the fence, and therefore the staff should not arbitrarily move the beast area. During the national day all are double double gate posts, partition checks valid intervals and distance, to ensure the safety of tourists happy garden." The reporter Li Jia (commissioning editor Ren Zhihui and Wang Li)相关的主题文章: