Chang blood donation Master 13 year 87 donation for 26 adults with normal blood tonya mitchell

Chang "blood donation Master" 13 year 87 donation for 26 adult normal blood Nanchang County Tang Nan Democratic Town Village has a "blood donation Master". At the age of 46, he has 13 years of blood donation, blood donation amounted to 87 times, 111400 ml of normal blood is about 26 adults (4200 ml); he has won five national blood donation contribution award; he was a China of hematopoietic stem cell donors; he often said "give roses, hand fragrance. As long as everyone give a little love, the world will become a better world!" He is Li Donghua. 1987, Li Donghua brother-in-law unfortunately suffering from uremia, need regular blood transfusion. Take care of my sister brother-in-law busy sometimes let Li Donghua help scorched by the flames, leading to a blood bank blood. Whenever I get cold blood bag, Li Donghua are going to be shocked, "if you bring me the blood to the brother-in-law of the good", the idea of the initiation of blood donation. April 15, 2003, Li Donghua in the village to see a blood car, the courage to offer the first blood. Since then, every 6 months, Li Donghua insisted to regularly give blood donation points. Offer to the eighth time, the doctor advised Li Donghua to offer blood blood components, that offer blood components of time interval is shorter, he followed the doctor’s advice. As of September 14, 2016, Li Donghua offer blood seven times, 2600 ml of blood components, the total amount of blood donation of 136 units, equivalent to a total of 108800 ml of whole blood, which is to say, Li Donghua has donated blood 111400 ml. Li Donghua is not only interested in public welfare, or a good shijinbumei. August 2015, Li Donghua in his hotel lobby picked up a handbag, there are more than one hundred thousand yuan in cash. Li Donghua look at the handbag to find the owner’s phone, and quickly dialed the past. Things like this, Li Donghua often encounter. Business Hotel, he often picked up the lost things, will actively contact the owner, to return as soon as possible. The villagers gave Li Donghua a name — "Bao Zheng", because he is a love tube "business" person. Operating the hotel has been busy enough for Li Donghua, but he is still engaged in public welfare undertakings. Reporters learned that Li Donghua joined the provincial blood center volunteer service team, responsible for scheduling blood donation volunteer service. In addition, leisure, Li Donghua also repeatedly to Jiang Xiang Zhen Sun Village, Nanchang City orphanage, SOS children’s village to visit the children, many children with leukemia donations, and help them to apply love rescue fund. In July this year, heavy rain continued, Nanchang County Fu Nan Zhen Hetang segment democratic super cordon. After learning of the situation, Li Donghua immediately put down the work, back home in the flood. He also started to raise funds for villagers to install street lamps, he served as free labor, two months to install more than 80 street lights in the village.相关的主题文章: