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CEO get a dollar salary? Seriously you lost – Sohu technology really 1 yuan? You lose when you get serious! 1 yuan annual salary is the most beautiful capital text, used to restore the confidence of shareholders and investors. The media reported the | November 8th training camp Zhao Shuping numbers are the clouds, salary is not the main source of income for the bigwigs. Each year to take 1 yuan of symbolic salary, with the company to tide over the difficulties of determination, as well as big brother that: money is just a number, they work just to realize their value. On November 6th, chairman Jia Yueting LETV issued an internal e-mail "full of music as sea water and fire flame is engulfed by the waves of the ocean or boil?", said an internal letter, LeEco strategy to achieve the fast rhythm, organization and funds face great challenges, and he will assume responsibility for the management of the company. With immediate effect, I am willing to receive only 1 yuan annual salary of the company." Jia Yueting received the 1 yuan annual salary, this is after the 31 Group Chairman Liang Wengen, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong, another domestic business chiefs announced trillion sitting with the annual salary of 1 yuan. Subsequently, LETV boss Wei Gan said: "the annual salary of 1 yuan, to buy a lollipop girl is not enough." In fact, 1 yuan to buy a drooling or. Some media reports, Jia Yueting’s annual salary in 2015 was only 600 thousand yuan, the province of $600 thousand as the music as the empire is not much economic significance, but also can not save the music as the stock price fell. The so-called "1 yuan salary is just to save the reputation of the boss Jia LETV ditch, to the outside world: they will carry the sound of music as a responsibility. However, users do not pay, did not drink the chicken soup boss jia. "The company is his, but also collar salary." 1 yuan annual salary will not have to pay personal income tax, high! Is really high!" , high cash holdings about 10000000000, what is the annual salary." Stock dividend, it does not matter how much wages." 10 years can not afford to buy milk tea: Liu Qiangdong last year to get a monthly salary of $1 is Liu Qiangdong. August 7, 2015, Jingdong Group Chairman and CEO Liu Qiangdong in the day before marriage with tea sister, announced his next ten years of annual salary fell to $1, and no cash incentives. Users can not help but laugh: ten years can not afford to buy a cup of tea." This is not to say that the next 10 years, Liu Qiangdong’s income is really only 10 yuan, because in the compensation plan, Liu Qiang east also received the purchase of 26 million shares of class a common stock of Jingdong in the next 10 years of option. On the surface is a pay cut, behind more articles. Pay is an equity incentive plan, Liu Qiangdong personal option returns and Jingdong tied more tightly. Liu Qiangdong want to get more income can afford to buy milk tea, we must make the company stronger, the stock price high. In accordance with Liu Qiangdong’s acceptance at the time, only when the Jingdong stock price reached or exceeded $33.4, Liu Qiangdong can be part of his equity cash. If the exercise price of $33.4, Liu Qiangdong shares worth $434 million. So, Liu Qiangdong wins!相关的主题文章: