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UnCategorized If you want to convert a web visitor into a customer or client, your website must answer their one main concern, which is, "what’s in this for me?" When you provide readers with information on how it is beneficial to either hire you or buy your product, you are giving them proof that you can meet their needs. This proof is called a benefit statement. A benefit statement is all about the art of persuasion. You must persuade web visitors that you’re a better choice than your competition, which is just a click away on the search engine result pages. Beware that your failure to provide a convincing statement can drive your prospects to your competition. That is why it is important that you give web searchers insight on how using your service or product will improve their lives, versus choosing your competition. It doesn’t matter whether you are a B2B or B2C, having a benefit statement on your website is crucial to your business’ success. It is a winning point at which time a prospect converts from a visitor to a customer. If written powerfully enough, a benefit statement can lead to a call of action. For instance, if you want your prospects to subscribe to your e-newsletter, tell them how following your business is beneficial to their own needs. Explain to them how the information you will provide them with regularly will improve their lives. If you can make a strong case, then prospects will sign up for your e-newsletter without a second thought. This applies also to downloading your white paper or purchasing your product. You will likely have a benefit statement that distinguishes you from your competitors. After all, your statement is based on the features your company provides its customers; no two companies are exactly alike. Therefore, most companies have at least one difference. This is a time where being different pays off because you can stand out above the rest. This is called your unique sales proposition. Market this well and you can make your benefit statement more powerful; thus, making your company seem better than your competition to web searchers. So whether you’re writing your own SEO copy or hiring a SEO writer, be sure to work your company features into benefits that makes life better for your prospects. At the end, increased business sales will be the very reason you’ll be glad you took this crucial step. About the Author: Pam Jones is a certified SEO copywriter who specializes in content creation for the legal and health industries. She also has written for other niches. Her certified training provides her with the ability to write influencing benefit statements. Visit .seofreelancewriting.. to learn more about Pam’s SEO content creation service. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: