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Global beer in The Danube in Regensburg, the German people enjoy very headstrong – I love Germany tourism Sohu, especially love Germany Southeast Bavaria state. Bavaria has rich historical and cultural heritage and beautiful scenery and natural landscape, not only is the German champion of the industrial powerhouse, is also a famous livable paradise. I love Bavaria, Lingshan Xiushui, a landscape of lakes and mountains, more love here who has a long history, rich culture, simple folk customs of the ancient town. In recent years, have been to Bavaria several times, take a lot of the old city, the state capital of Munich, the second largest city of Nuremberg, the third largest city of Augsburg, there are some historical and cultural towns, such as Bamberg, Freising, Lin road. This summer vacation, to Bavaria city tour, one of the most impressive and favorite is Bazhou’s fifth largest city – Regensburg (Regensburg). Munich central railway station from the Bazhou regional inter city train (RB RE), about 1.5 hours to reach Regensburg. More exciting journey to the original, please pay attention to the public number: tzj5168 graphic @ fingertips line photo (copyright, commercial contact) Regensburg Bavaria membership administrative region, is the capital of Upper Palatinate and Regensburg County, is Bavaria’s fifth largest city. This ancient city has 2000 years of history, but it has no other medieval city like rotten old but more dignified, a leisurely lazy, from the streets and lanes everywhere restaurants, pubs and cafes will serve to illustrate the point. At the junction of Regensburg located in The Danube and Reagan River, from the Rome times is one of the important towns along the The Danube, one of Germany’s oldest city. Tracing back to its history, it has been inhabited since the stone age, and the tomb of the Celts, which was discovered by modern archaeology, traces the history of Regensburg to about 400 bc. The sun shines in the old city, everywhere full of vitality and timeless charm. The most interesting aspect of this trip is the old city of Regensburg, which was listed as a world cultural heritage in 2006. Walk in the old city, walking in the narrow flat stone road, standing majestic Cathedral, quaint solemn old buildings and sculptures, fountains and other high streets and back lanes appear one by one sight, as people walked into a space long. Walk in the small quiet street, a bike from the side and galloped off, uneven uneven stone road with a bicycle wheel friction vibration sound is very pleasant. The city is old, but every day is a new life. A city of charm, is bound to be moving down the years of sedimentation. Walking through such a simple space and time, I saw a figure in a hurry to walk through, such as the movie like life in front of the screen blend. The mottled old wall covered with creepers, as if put on the views of bright coat, infinite vitality. The sun lanes pedestrians coming and going, and don’t make noise. Ancient.相关的主题文章: