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Bridge doubles finals ended with the field of Internet innovation (the thirtieth world athletics struck the bridge with the field doubles closing ceremony) sina sports news on September 25th, sponsored by the Federation of the world bridge, China Bridge Association, the international community to host the thirtieth session of the world bridge with double finals in Beijing ended China. From the Chinese players and Li Huagai on tour won the tournament of champions, Portugal’s Carlos LUIZ and Miguel TEIXEIRA won the runner up, Chinese player Zhang Miao and Zhang Xiaoqun won the runner up. The World Bridge Federation President Ronald Jianalige?, deputy director of management center of chess State Sports General Administration of sports Chinese Bridge Association vice chairman Chen Zelan, chairman of the international community of Yang Qing, the World Bridge Federation executive Maori? Sacco and other leaders and guests attended the closing ceremony, and as the player awards. The bridge is a highly competitive charm and elegant intellectual movement, but also the world intellectual games is sport. The world bridge with field doubles is a world-class professional bridge competition is one of the few enthusiasts around the world bridge for the majority of the tournament, through global online selection, a total of 40 players from 11 constituencies into the final part of the global finals, which lasted 2 days. The "World Bridge with double match held in Beijing, but also following the 2014" World Championship ", a world class landing Chinese bridge tournament, has a profound influence on the development and popularization of China bridge movement. As the organizer of the two tournament, Chinese bridge union is Lianzhong company in the tournament in the game mode and competition way made bold innovation proposal, first introduced a new model of Internet games, this is a new attempt to bridge the athletic history. Lianzhong international chairman Yang Qing said, the tournament was held successfully, to verify the feasibility of science through the Internet athletics events of competitive selection and expansion. (Lianzhong international chairman Yang Qing closing statement) is in the China District trials, the Internet is the artificial chess made new attempt, for the first time through the CBO- Chinese bridge online open online selection, CBO is a large online OurGame construction, bridge and BBO cooperation and community platform, through the current global top the bridge program GIB to achieve human-computer chess robot. Secondly, the finals of the chess mode also breakthrough innovation in the traditional competitive mode, select the BBO platform based on the Internet Chess, greatly reduce the interference events of human factors, to avoid a part of unnecessary conflicts, making the competition more transparent. True, the level of the players get to play the greatest degree of competition, more stringent norms. Nuclear this final rule, making the tournament to become the host the world bridged the first in history there is no real poker, no bid card, no push plate, only the computer game. Professional sports atmosphere and a game let us see the new direction of the development of more competitive bridge. Deputy director, as the chess State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center Chinese Bridge Association vice president Chen Zelan said, "the game in the form of innovation and the Internet)相关的主题文章: