Both of the cultural construction of foreign lottery also pay attention to social public practice –

Both of the cultural construction of foreign lottery also pay attention to social public practice – Sohu     the development of an industry, cannot do without the construction of culture. Sports lottery listed more than and 20 years, has been committed to the construction of industry culture. In July and August this year, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Hebei and other places to actively participate in the lottery activities held at the local sports lottery, show the public image, let more people come into contact with the lottery. Jiangsu lottery booster love piggy bank, inheriting the good tradition "public welfare projects, the establishment of" Bookcrossing Culture Station ", was welcomed by the public. Shenzhen Ticai focus on "building culture", related activities are held annually, let lottery practitioners have a stronger sense of belonging. Whether it is for internal lottery practitioners or participating in other social activities, sports practice, sports lottery industry show the cultural connotation to the society. The special finishing Ai He issued "love piggy bank" set up "cultural station" Jiangsu sports lottery leading the new trend of leisure culture recently, Jiangsu lottery and Nanjing lottery have power "Love Bank" and "Bookcrossing station culture" activities, leading fashion leisure culture. Recently, by the Jiangsu sports lottery support love piggy banks to carry out ", inherit the good tradition" campaign launch ceremony was held in Nanjing, nearly 200 families to participate in activities on behalf of and dedication of love. The Nanjing lottery held public school,     to further implement the State Council promulgated the "on the strengthening of rural left-behind children care protection work opinion", the Jiangsu provincial women’s Federation, Jiangsu children’s Welfare Foundation joint implementation of the "love piggy bank, inheriting good tradition" public welfare projects, advocate all the loving family every day to save 1 dollars a year, donated 365 yuan, to develop good habits of charity, inheriting the Chinese good tradition, as more and more migrant children left behind, and the disabled poor plight of children for accurate and effective assistance and the warmth of the community. Jiangsu provincial sports lottery center to support the activities, to let more people feel the love of the public welfare lottery. Activities at the scene, the first to respond to the love of 10 families and receive love piggy bank, said it would be a long-term donation, dedication love. According to the organizers responsible person, for the convenience of the public donations, the Jiangsu provincial women’s Federation, UNICEF will open up a variety of love participation channels, including electronic piggy bank, real piggy bank etc.. In August 9th, the "public school" into the stadium and Nanjing City Bookcrossing culture post second batch site open launch ceremony in Nanjing City Fitness Center, Nanjing sports lottery center as a co organizer to participate in the event. At the end of June this year, Nanjing City Cultural Bookcrossing Inn has opened 50 first pilot sites, received by the community. Nanjing lottery sales outlets throughout the high streets and back lanes also apply, finally there are 10 lottery outlets joined the ranks of Bookcrossing station. Nanjing city sports center responsible person said: "Nanjing is striving for the province’s first" book city "," cultural Nanjing City Inn Bookcrossing "and carry out" Nanjing lottery donation? A total of Mu books’ reading corner site activities are a cultural dissemination of books)相关的主题文章: