Bold thief day shoplifting take mobile phone shop staff armpit

Bold thief day shoplifting take mobile phone shop staff underarm western network (Shaanxi radio and television "news" reporter Cao Qiongna) in Yucai Road, the well-being of the city, a shop staff in the daytime encounter "bold", while the thief was sleeping, he will steal her arm mobile phone. More than 5 points in the afternoon, a middle-aged man entered the shop around and see the girl lying on the table to sleep, so the man pretended to buy flowers, slowly close to the clerk, clerk, see four nobody sleeping, the first man tried to reach a whip in the armpit of the mobile phone clerk, clerk found no response then, quickly away and leave the mobile phone shop girl. Shop staff: "I ate a cold medicine, he felt a bit sleepy, and then rests on this table, the mobile phone is in my arms." The clerk said that was stolen a black apple 4S phone, she did not expect that the day was actually someone into the store theft. Shop staff: "I woke up after I did not notice, the boss called the apple mobile phone is shut down, the boss the first time they went to the police station, is the case." Currently the case is under investigation. As a reminder, businesses in the business, we must put valuables for safekeeping, do not give thieves an opportunity to leave, so as to avoid the loss of property.   相关的主题文章: