BMW I8 and Bentley’s rich two generation were arrested by the police in Yiwu

BMW I8, Bentley’s "two rich generation" in Yiwu by the police to catch the big customer cheated three luxury cars for mortgage Wu is Anhui Susong people, a few years ago in Yiwu opened a car rental company. Business has been booming, a few years ago also opened a branch to Hangzhou. In November last year, Hangzhou branch to a big customer, less than 30 years old, like the big shot very generous customers, rents are basically Martha Lahti, Benz S series of a class of luxury cars, and later began to rent some expensive sports cars like Bentley, the daily rent per car from 1500 yuan directly soared to five thousand or six thousand yuan, have to say, this person really is very rich. So the distinguished customers is what position? His impression was "rich two generations" and a rich father. Big client claiming to pay: "every time he pays rent is very punctual, the rent directly to my account, I also feel relieved, but this year’s August, the situation is not right, began to drag.". I talked to him several times, and he said he had no money, and even the three cars he rented were mortgaged." Wu said. Aware of the seriousness of the problem, September 6th, Wu to the Yiwu Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police: "three of my cars he has rented, his car was heavily mortgaged now, my loss is too large, which is early years Bentley down 1 million 380 thousand yuan to buy a second-hand car, BMW I8 Bentley and GT are recently bought a new car, bare prices going up to 2 million 330 thousand yuan and 2 million 880 thousand yuan. You quickly find him, bring the car back." In the evening, Yiwu police in Yiwu city will pay a successful capture. After the arrest, the leasing of a luxury car to commit the crime of fraud confessed. Burn up on fraud does not return actually is not what a "two rich generation", but his family was relatively well off, his parents’ business, sister is a white-collar workers in Beijing, he had to do business in Hangzhou Sijiqing clothing market, just two years to earn about 1000000 yuan. Last November, he closed the market stalls, and never did any other business. But paying attention to the car is like life. "I like cars very much, and my friends are very rich. In order to be decent, I started renting cars to car rental companies." Fu said. Because there is no stable income, rental costs are very high, in July this year, about 1000000 yuan on his hard earned was squandered. In order to maintain this kind of life, Fu began to borrow usury. At the time of the crime, his loan principal and interest had been as high as about 700000 yuan. "Borrowed money is used to pay for high car rental fees and interest, and eventually I dig down the pit more and more big, think of the car rental fraud." Fu said. In August 3rd, he rented a Bentley GT roadster and rented a BMW I8 coupe to his boss. Three days later, he mortgaged to a Guarantee Corporation in Hangzhou for 200 thousand yuan, but the money was only 10 days. Then, pay a 400 thousand yuan price will be on hand the Bentley GT sports car mortgage. After he squandered his money, he rented a Bentley speeding car to his boss’s company, and then went to his hometown in Henan for mortgage at a price of 200 thousand yuan. Yiwu police.

开宝马i8、宾利的“富二代”在义乌被警方给抓了 大客户骗走三辆豪车用于抵押 吴某是安徽宿松人,前些年在义乌开了一家汽车租赁公司。生意一直风生水起,前几年还到杭州开了一家分公司。 就在去年11月,杭州的分公司来了一名大客户,30岁不到的样子,这位大客户出手挺阔绰,租的基本都是玛莎拉蒂、奔驰S系列一类的高档车,之后又开始租一些宾利之类的昂贵跑车,每辆车的日租金从1500元直接飙到了五六千元,不得不说,此人真的很有钱。那么这名尊贵的大客户是什么来头?大家对他的印象是“富二代”,有个有钱的爹。大客户自称姓付:“他每次支付租金都非常准时的,直接把租金打到我的账户上,我也挺放心的,但是今年的8月开始,情况不太对了,开始拖。我也找他谈了几次,他说自己没钱了,连租来的三辆车都抵押了。”吴某说。意识到问题的严重性,9月6日,吴某到义乌市公安局刑侦大队报了警:“我的三辆车被他先后租用,他现在把车都抵押掉了,我损失太大了,其中宾利飞驰是年初花138万元买来的二手车,宝马I8和宾利GT都是刚买不久的新车,裸车价就要高达233万元和288万元。你们赶紧找到他,把车要回来。”当天傍晚,义乌警方在义乌市区将付某成功抓获。落网后,付某对租赁豪车实施诈骗的作案事实供认不讳。 烧完老本走上诈骗不归路 其实付某并非是什么“富二代”,只不过是家境比较殷实,他的父母经商,姐姐是北京的一个白领,自己此前在杭州四季青服装市场做生意,短短两年就赚了100多万元。去年11月,他关了市场的摊位,也一直没做其他生意。 但付某视车如命。“我平常很喜欢车,身边的朋友也都很有钱。为了体面,我开始到汽车租赁公司租豪车开。”付某说。因为不再有稳定的收入,租车费用又很高,到今年7月,他辛苦积攒的100多万元老本就被挥霍一空。 为了维持这种生活,付某开始借高利贷。截至案发时,他欠下的高利贷本金和利息已高达70多万元。“借来的钱都用来支付高额的租车费用和利息,最终我挖下的坑越来越大,就想到了去租车诈骗。”付某说。8月3日,付某在已租用一辆宾利GT跑车的情况下,又到吴老板的公司租了一辆宝马I8跑车。三天后,他以20万元的价格抵押给了杭州一家担保公司,但这笔钱只让付某撑了10来天。随后,付某又以40万元的价格将手头那辆宾利GT跑车抵押。把钱挥霍一空后,他又到吴老板的公司租了一辆宾利飞驰轿车,接着开到河南老家以20万元的价格抵押。义乌警方估价发现,涉案三辆豪车的总价值如今仍在400万元以上。目前,他们已追回涉案的宾利飞驰轿车,正在积极进行另外两辆豪车的追赃。可是付某又非常看重面子,走投无路的他开始走上了借高利贷维持这种生活的路子,债务像雪球一样越滚越大,到最后只能将租用的车作了抵押。相关的主题文章: