Black haired girls are more likely to get help than blondes (video) lightscape

Black haired girls are more likely to get help than blondes? The British "Daily Mail" recently in the streets of New York city to do a social experiment, with the "color"… Let one called Sara (Sarah) the girl wearing a black skirt and a blonde wig, the skirt folded into the stockings, face the same embarrassment emptied the way people’s response actually. Are not the same. Sara first came to New York "Bumble and Bumble" salon hair colorist Zoe Wipha and wig stylist Joey Gallagher she has become a golden girl with long hair and black hair girl. When Sara was wearing black hair, 3 people came up to her in the middle of the 12 minutes to remind her, "your skirt is caught."". The first kind of stranger in her appearance after 3 minutes to remind her to check her skirt, and the video of the other two passers-by are almost no thought to come forward to remind her. But when she changed her blonde hair, it was nearly an hour before someone reminded her of the problem. When Sara, the blonde, pretended to be standing in the middle of the street, although there were many passers-by stopped to look at her, they all passed by without warning her. Finally, after 52 minutes, a man walks past Sara and turns back to remind her. Social experiment: black haired girl vs blonde girl who is more likely to get help相关的主题文章: