Black desert black soul 3 developers to learn the picture or will be more realistic

"Black desert" black soul 3 developers to learn more realistic picture or Sina News before the game, South Korea travel "black desert" developer Pearl Abyss announced, and "dark soul 3" developer Silicon signed a memorandum of understanding, the two sides will carry out technical cooperation game graphics, and then the research results will be used in "black desert" and rendering engine YEBIS, the picture will be more realistic. Related reading: 2 years of operation in China no news "black desert" memorial videos don’t role awakening and hooking up "black desert" Halloween new fashion hot lightning hear me "black desert" hanbok wizard awakening in the conference handsome burst, Pearl Abyss chief executive Jin Dari said: "the black desert has good enough in the picture, but with the Silicon studio cooperation game visual effect will be further improved, the picture will be more realistic." Silicon Studio Software Engineer Kawase Masaki said: "Pearl Abyss is a technical ability of the company, with their help, also can develop the full potential of black soul 3 rendering engine YEBIS, and a new generation of graphics technology research." YEBIS is a game rendering engine super Silicon studios, the series of engines have superior material performance and light effect, metal texture vivid enough to spurious. YEBIS engine not only produced the black soul 3, but also the final fantasy 15 rendering engine. "Black desert" is undoubtedly the continuation of the Korean tour has always attached importance to the style of the picture, do not know what the future of improving image quality, black sand, what will show how amazing picture, see. (source: Bus) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: