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Customer Service International trade can be defined as the trading of different .modities & services between one country and another. Export-import trade plays a pivotal role in the economic growth of any country. A country can grow progressively when its exports grow more than its imports so that the revenue earned is always more than the payments made for Imports of goods and services. The difference in value of imports and exports for a country is called Balance of Trade. A country will source goods and services from outside if its domestic demand will be more than the domestic supply for those goods and services or if the domestic price of goods and services will be more than the price prevailing in the international market. A trade deficit occurs when imports are more than the exports. This is called unfavorable balance of trade. It is thus very important that Exporters and Importers to work with due diligence to make the most of the globalization and earn profit. There are a lot of challenges for both exporters and Importers in todays globalised business world. They must keep themselves abreast of the ever changing world trade to analyze the market. They should Keep informed by reading everything on world trade, trade publications, international newspapers and financial reports. You can source the goods to sell but you have to be sure by studying where these goods are in demand and also about the price viability of these goods in overseas markets. Similarly for Imports also you need to make sure that you source the goods which are in demand in your domestic market and you get the right supplier to source the goods from so that you are .petitive to sell your goods in your local market. You need to investigate the reputation of the foreign supplier and the quality of his goods. Import Export data India is one of the most important tools to analyze the Indian export and Import trade with rest of the world Export Import Trade Data can be beneficial in numerous ways: 1.To Find Qualified Sales prospects based on their actual trade activity. 2.To Identify and Evaluate Right Suppliers based on their shipping trends, volume, price and customers. 3.To Monitor Your .petition by learning what and where your .petitors are shipping / Sourcing. 4.To Identifying new expanding markets, analyse regional and global economic trends. The import export business can be a high profit venture because of the low overheads involved, provided it is build up on true dedication and a good knowledge of the market. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: