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Beijing street is now in addition to haze artifact matte paoche micron mist dust absorption – Beijing Service in the Olympic function area and the embassy district, every day at least two times recently, many Chaoyang District residents found the streets, often appear a new eye-catching dust artifact. Different from the traditional sprinkler, the car rear stands a "barrel", "muzzle" continuous jet crystal fog curtain. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday, at this year’s Chaoyang District autumn and winter dust special action, two car fog artillery in the embassy district, the Olympic function region 35 street work, reduce the particulate pollution and dust in the air. The settlement of the micron grade water spray dust absorption in the haze shrouded, a golden ginkgo Avenue yesterday embassy district become shadowy. Well, a white with a "long tail" of the waterwheel drove slowly along Dongzhimen vehicle tail spray steaming fog. The vehicle over the place, the surrounding air becomes moist and bright. This car can reduce haze effect? With this question, the Beijing morning news reporters yesterday linked to the implementation unit of fog artillery service project, the unit Engineer Xu Yuexin said, this car is also called the function of dust fog artillery vehicle, it can spray 120 meters, 60 meters of water. Fog artillery first used wharf, mining and coal, pollutant particles where large, on the water mist requirements not so fine. Compared with the original matte paoche, just last month on the streets of the fog artillery, is by high pressure water mist particles into micron particles, and the size, not only can save water, collision, can absorb and haze in the city, condenses into clusters and dust settling." PM2.5 up to 75 increase in the number of reporters yesterday also sat on the driver’s seat, experience with car operations. The spray switch is arranged in the cab, the driver white master start switch, speed up to 10 mph, the driver can use the remote control, manipulation of "barrel" direction, the 270 degree rotation. "Can not be sprayed on the sidewalk, can not be flat spray, to reach at least 30 degrees of elevation, range according to road conditions." At the rear of the car, there are two rings of spray nozzle. The blower rotates, and the water spray is "hit". "The blower is strong enough, or the water spray is too close to gather together and become a drop of water." White master said that every day 7:30, 11:30 two routine operations. "These two time periods are relatively fast periods of rising pollutants. As a result of air flow, the effect of spray dust is usually short-term, such as heavy pollution days, the number of operations will reach 3 times to 5 times." Reporters learned that the water tank can carry 15 tons of water, can work continuously for 2 to 3 hours. Generally in the main road operations, narrow road does not work, pedestrians do not have to worry about being sprayed. According to Xu Yuexin introduction, Chaoyang District key areas set up more than and 20 monitoring points, monitoring every hour, when monitoring the concentration of PM2.5 reached 75 micrograms per cubic meter, PM10 reached 100 micrograms per cubic metre, fog artillery operation times increase. Two cars were operating in the fog artillery Olympic function area, the embassy district, Sanlitun, Asian Sports Village, agricultural exhibition hall and other key areas of the 35 road.相关的主题文章: