Beijing public rental eligibility review is no longer review the changes in household income 3u8813

Beijing public housing eligibility review review of family income does not change to simplify the original title: public rental qualifications review procedures simplified reporter learned from the Municipal Construction Committee yesterday, the city issued "on the implementation of the simplified public rental housing for families qualification review work notice", to further standardize the review content, review process is simplified, no review of family income change. When filing the family declaration materials, no need to declare income. Municipal Construction Committee official said, in recent years, the city continue to strengthen the management of low-income housing for the examination, has already set up data sharing and public security, civil affairs, taxation, social security and other departments of the housing security information management system, low-income housing eligibility into the whole management system. By increasing the intensity of the Department of information networking verification, improve the accuracy and efficiency of the audit. "Notice" to review the contents of the review process to further simplify the specification. Through the vigorous implementation of the "Internet plus government services, realize the sharing of data among departments, do things in addition to check information, submit materials to do subtraction in the masses, make people less legwork, good things. Marriage Housing changes still need to review in accordance with the current policy, the city low-income housing qualification record family signed on arrival, the lease period, the lease before the expiration of the contract, the housing security departments to review the qualification of family. Among them, in the lease period, the annual housing security department to conduct a review of family housing contract; in the former, before the expiration of the contract, the housing security departments to conduct a review of family, marriage, income, housing and so on, in the review period, the family should take the initiative to declare the situation, and provide proof of paper materials. After the notice issued, the housing security department review of the contents of the reunification of the family for the family, marriage, housing changes, no longer review the changes in household income. However, changes in family population, marriage, housing, the record of the family in accordance with the original provisions of a comprehensive review. Record the family is no longer declared income in the review process, the filing of the family declaration materials, simply declare the population, marriage, housing situation, no need to declare income. In this way, the situation does not change the family, do not have to repeat the relevant materials. If the family population, marriage, housing has changed, only to provide changes in the paper material can be. To participate in the public rental Yaohao election room, ready to sign the family, housing and social security departments to conduct a review of family, marriage, housing situation, if there is no change, these families can directly enter the signing process, it will greatly shorten the time from Yaohao to signing in, thus speeding up the allocation of public rental. The family record public rental lease contract to expire to renew, if the application of family and family during the period of population, marriage and housing did not change after review can continue to renew the lease of public rental, the lease period to improve the stability of family. At the same time, the housing security department for review, and pay more attention to by the public security, civil affairs, information networking and real estate registration departments, increase the data verification efforts in improving the accuracy on the basis of the audit work to shorten the time, improve work efficiency. Subsidies to increase the intensity of review in 2相关的主题文章: