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The land of Beijing city deputy center construction in just 19 days – 100% signing of Sohu news CCTV news client news November 13th, is the construction of the Beijing city center, the two phase of the project land demolition administrative office area of 11 villages, not long ago in just 19 days to achieve the 100% signing. Said the land acquisition is difficult, so that the effect and efficiency is how to achieve it? The two phase of the project land demolition administrative office is located in Tongzhou District Lucheng Town, 11 village land acquisition and demolition of the involved, have set up a village cadres and villagers as representatives of the group of five, the team full participation in policy formulation, housing identification, Fangxing design process, link the whole video, the problems can be traced each process; and the results of real-time publicity, to eliminate secret operations from technology. For example, villagers queuing signing, the number is accurate to three seconds behind the figures, who came in before the first election who can first reward. Tongzhou District Lucheng town shed two command responsible person Guan Ping: accurate to 1000, 1/1000, this time and our future is corresponding to the room. So he said, I was fifth, you are number sixth, because I have this time point, take this as a basis, the people took after the heart is very calm, steadfast. The working mechanism of sunshine transparent, add "early signing early, early housing affordable" incentives, many villagers are lining up to sign. Tongzhou District Lucheng Town Chang Tun Village Li Xiaojun: happy, happy, to live in new houses. For two nights, all day long, all the way up there in the two row. On this basis, District, town and village three village Party cadres to implement household work responsibility system, each village, each household is equipped with the same working group, Party members signed a relocation undertaking and publicity, to take the lead in signing the first time. The villagers Zhang Shujian to take care of more than and 90 year old mother home and a retarded brother, I hope each of the two sets of 82 square meters of the house of their own points in a layer close to the best, but because the signing late row back, there is little hope. Tongzhou District Lucheng Town Sun Ge Zhuang village director Li Yuehui: the system behind the more than and 300 row, they came nearly three hundred. The front of this more than and 200, nearly three hundred people have opinions. The village Party Secretary and village director to the point, decided to their home on the relative number next to the house to help Zhang Shujian’s preoccupation on two units, then transfer exchange. Tongzhou District Lucheng Town Sun Ge Zhuang village Party branch secretary Huang Yuqing: so our family was the front a little bit, is to give her for this (82 square meters). Villagers Zhang Shujian: people from his own home, give me a solution, and I exchange. When I choose, not necessarily good, right? So I’m really touched. Through the implementation of open and transparent policy system, standardized organization and work flow, coupled with the effective work of the masses, in just 20 days of the signing bonus period, the two phase of land acquisition project 2160 villagers to achieve a 100% signing. City deputy center of land acquisition practices also formed a "Tongzhou model"". The people’s Government of Tongzhou District vice mayor Lei Xiaoning:.相关的主题文章: