Bazhong man 30 seconds steal million yuan property was photographed appearance, let shopkeepers stun

Bazhong man 30 seconds steal million yuan property was photographed appearance, let shopkeepers surprise Huaxi city newspaper (client reporter Li Fengchun) "my clerk will turn around for a while, was stolen.". However, the whole process of the thief was photographed!" In the morning of October 6th, a convenience store in Sichuan, Bazhong (micro-blog) was caught stealing, and Mr. Wu’s shop clerk, who had just gone to work, was stolen. The monitoring in the shop clearly and completely recorded the whole process of the thief, and what surprised Mr. Wu was that the suspect was fashionable and handsome, and he was a "handsome thief"". Less than 1 minutes, 10000 yuan property was carried away, 6 morning 8 points faster, female clerk on time to shop open. This is located in the city of South springs Temple Street convenience store 135, the door is not a lot of pedestrians. The salesgirl put her bag behind the cash register, and the door was wide open. She turned around on the next shelf and put the goods in order. In one or two minutes, she packed up and returned to the cashier’s desk, when she was surprised to find her bag missing! Mr. Wu told reporters, at first, the clerk thought he misplaced, in the cashier around and on the ground looking for, did not find their own bags, and they carefully recalled a few minutes ago, determined to just a few minutes ago, his bags placed behind the checkout desk. "No, it must have been a thief."!" The girl felt bad, hurriedly told Mr. Wu, Mr. Wu immediately thought he tune to see surveillance, the cashier and the location of the shop in front, the installation of a high-definition camera. When the time turned to 8:15 in the morning, 14 seconds, a young man appeared in the picture. Young man wearing black waistcoat, dressed more fashionable, people look very handsome. But after 10 seconds, this handsome guy betrays the 8:15 – 34 seconds, the boy hand pants pocket, walked into the shop pretending to be calm. And before entering the store, he intentionally or unintentionally looked both sides. After entering the store, he looked east and West, and walked into the inside shelf position. About 10 seconds later, he made a quick return to the cashier and bent down and took the clerk’s bag out of the room, placed it on the cash register, turned around, turned his eyes around the store and the door, and walked out of the shop as if nothing had happened. 16 minutes and 7 seconds, he quickly walked out of the store, picked up the package on the table, and quickly left the store to disappear. The video may be traced to clear lock thief "in less than 1 minutes, he succeeded. It never occurred to me that the young man was a thief." Mr. Wu told reporters, saleswoman 6880 yuan worth of gold necklace, 1500 yuan worth of OPPO mobile phones, 1400 yuan in cash, and bank cards, identity cards and other stolen, loss of nearly 10000 yuan. This sudden encounter, so that the female clerk sad tears. Angry Mr. Wu immediately reported, Bazhou Xicheng police station involved in the investigation, he also a clear record of theft through video sent to my circle of friends, want to friends with their friends, can put the hand out. Soon, some local netizens said that this handsome looking suspect had not been seen near the people’s Hospital in Bazhong recently, when the young man was also stealing, but was arrested, the scene and the theft controversy network

巴中男30秒盗万元财物遭拍下 样貌让店主大跌眼镜 华西都市报讯(客户端记者 李逢春)“我的店员也就转身一会,就遭偷了。不过,小偷作案全程被拍下啦!”10月6日上午,四川巴中(微博)城区一家便利店遭遇盗窃,吴先生店刚上班的店员价值万元的财物被偷走。店内的监控清晰、完整记录了盗窃者的全过程,而让吴先生大跌眼镜的是,嫌疑者衣着时髦,模样帅气,是个不折不扣的“帅贼”。不到1分钟 万元财物被拎走6日早上快8点,女店员按时到店开门。这家位于城区南泉寺街135号的便利店,门口行人还不是很多。女店员把自己的包放在收银台后边,店门大开着。她转身在旁边的货架上把货品放整齐。也就一两分钟的工夫,她收拾好了返回收银台座位,这时惊讶地发现自己的包不见了!吴先生告诉记者,起初店员还以为自己放错地方了,在收银台周边和地上都找了一下,都没发现自己的包,自己又仔细回忆了一下,确定几分钟前刚到岗,自己的包就放在收银台后边的。“坏了,肯定遭贼了!”女店员顿觉不好,赶紧告诉了吴先生,吴先生马上想到调看监控,他在正对收银台和店门的位置,安装了一台清晰度比较高的摄像头。时间翻到早上8点15分14秒的时候,画面中出现了一位年轻的小伙子。小伙子身穿黑色马甲,打扮比较时尚,人看起来也很精神帅气。但往后10来秒,这个帅小伙就原形毕露了——8点15分34秒的时候,小伙子手插裤口袋,故作镇定走进店内。而在进店前,他有意无意的张望了两侧。进店后,他东看西看,并走进了里面的货架位置。大约10秒后,他快步折回到收银台处,弯腰把店员的包从里面拿出,放在收银台上,原地转了个身,转身的时候眼睛迅速扫视了店内和门口,若无其事地走出店外。16分7秒的时候,他迅速从店外再次走进来,拿起放在台面上的包,迅速离开店消失。视频清晰锁定 被曝可能是惯偷“不到1分钟的时间,他就得手。完全没想到,这个小伙子是一个贼。”吴先生告诉记者,女店员价值6880元的金项链、价值1500元的OPPO手机、1400元现金,以及银行卡、身份证等全部被盗,损失近万元。这突然的遭遇,让女店员难过的掉了眼泪。愤怒的吴先生立即报案,巴州区西城派出所介入调查,同时他也将这段清晰记录盗窃经过的视频发到朋友圈,希望朋友传朋友,能把这个三只手揪出来。很快,就有当地网友留言说,这个模样帅气的嫌疑者在不久前在巴中人民医院附近见到过,当时该小伙子也是盗窃,但被人逮到了,现场和被盗者争论不休,因此模样记的很清楚。“现在看来,这人可能是一个惯偷,我曝光这段视频,既是想逮住这个人,也想让更多的人有所警觉。”吴先生说。编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 “洗劫”烟酒店:作案挡监控反暴露身份 小偷新婚第二天落网相关的主题文章: