Battle for the future of online Alibaba and Jingdong (video)

Competition for online super Alibaba and Jingdong in the future war photograph: visual Chinese Ali, Jingdong that "online supermarket" the military is a hotly contested spot, it means not only the growth of GMV, the new user stickiness, high consumption will bring more traffic bonus, Ali and Jingdong in the future as well as many interests of the game. Afternoon 48 express master Wenjie recently workload doubled. During the period from September 1st to 9, from the original 8 hours long to increase to nearly 14 hours he works every day, to complete the delivery capacity of Shanghai Siping Road area. This is the Tmall supermarket in Beijing and Shanghai "half" big promotion day, every day to master Wenjie orders in the distribution of more than 100 single. According to Tmall supermarket data, significant growth in September 2nd, is expected to start in less than two hours, the 100 thousand single "folded" goods have been sold out. Shanghai Yangpu District Tieling Road No. 113 "Yongxing grocery store" in the scope of delivery in cooperation and has Wenjie, rookie Inn, can collect the parcel. In recent days have been full of big and small parcels from the store are piled up to the sidewalk. Taking fast consumer category, rice grain, toiletries and other volume is relatively large, the quality of goods, orders surge has brought trouble to the grocery store owner Liu Gan. He is one of the daily work is to urge the user to quickly get to express. At the beginning of September, Jingdong and Tmall supermarket supermarket has started, like "carry loaded guns", Liu Gan Wenjie such a courier and collection point first to feel the pressure. A comparative scenario is that both Beijing and Shanghai subway station, a substantial advertising Jingdong, shop No. 1 and super cat always tightly close together, it seems sure to let consumers choose. The two sides also began to frequent high-level "propaganda", the afternoon: first announced the Tmall supermarket three years to reach 100 billion, will invest 2 billion yuan to build the supply chain supermarket; Jingdong will jointly WAL-MART, shop No. 1, "attack" super cat Yonghui, shop No. 1, "3 months to invest 1 billion yuan". Food did not move, but the two sides have been "slobber war". In addition to a double and 618 big promotion this season, in the electricity market, it seems that we rarely see such fierce confrontation. The two sides are assured "online supermarket" the military is a hotly contested spot, it means not only the growth of GMV, the new user stickiness, high consumption will bring traffic bonus, also related to Ali and Jingdong in the future, with many interests of the game. Sweep along the brand makers in this war, brands are in a slightly awkward situation. In September 3rd, the electricity supplier "online" reported fortune edible oil Jingdong suffered under treatment, because Jingdong requires half the activities of super cat Fulinmen exit (restored). The problem is not unusual, each platform would follow the supplier wrestling, will compromise with each other in a certain extent, any party is demanding may eventually will not cooperate. Currently a wine brand leader Li Yong (formerly Weifang department store purchasing director) believes that the current online super business is still in the early stages of development, and there will be no large-scale competition for the brand situation. "Like the axis and allies, they have their own war system." Li Yong means Ali and Jingdong.相关的主题文章: