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Internet-and-Business-Online Amazon Web Services Direct Connect is an incredibly useful tool for any business that relies heavily on the internet. In this day in age it is safe to say that most businesses operate extensively on the internet. Whether you are connecting with your team, reaching out to a client or providing a face for your company with a websiteyou are likely online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Amazon Web Services Direct Connect is a great tool that cuts out the middle man in your connection. Basically, with Amazon Web Services Direct Connect you are putting in a private line to connect to Amazon Web Services from your office directly. There are many Direct Connect locations and you will be routed directly to the closest and most efficient location. How Does Amazon Web Services Direct Connect effectively reduce costs? There are two different ways in which AWS Direct Connect reduces your overall bill. First, your bandwidth heavy documents and files will be transported directly to and from your office location and Amazon Web Services. This lightens the load of internet bandwidth used so essentially you will need to purchase less bandwidth from your service provider. Also, the rate of AWS Direct Connect is less than that of a typical internet service provider, so no matter how large your files you can expect a decrease in your bill. How Does Amazon Web Services Direct Connect provide superior performance while maintaining ease of use? With a regular internet service provider data travels via different paths at all times. There is congestion in certain areas of the internet and at peak times. At these times the data can either get held up or rerouted. This is not the case with AWS Direct Connect. As we established earlier, this connection is direct and private. You can be sure that your data will not be disrupted by the congestion of the internet. Its like having a private road dedicated to your business exclusively. Also, Amazon Web Connect provides users with an easy to use Management Console. From here you can manage all of your services and really monitor and take control of your services and usage. Amazon Web Services Direct Connect is a great options for many small businesses that rely heavily on their internet connection to function. Having a direct line for your data exclusively will give you and your business confidence and security. If you think that Amazon Web Services Direct Connect may be a good option for your business, or if you would like to find out more about this revolutionary service please contact us today. The team at Fastblue is standing by to answer your questions, provide you with specialized quotes and help you get started. Thank you. We look forward to working with you to improve your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: