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Arts-and-Entertainment This film would be fantastic had it not fallen victim to its own second half. The only things that keep this film from being anything less than three stars are the laughs it delivers and Allison Janney. Away We Go follows the many misadventures of Burt (John Krasinski) and Verona (Maya Rudolph) as they search for the perfect place to live and raise their soon-to-be-born daughter. This film was executed creatively and, at times, is unquestionably hilarious. At its heart; Away We Go is a love story. After Burts parents announce they are moving away, the couple decides to follow suit and so the misadventures begin. As the couple travels, they meet with old friends and distant family members, all of which have some sort of issue or lunacy. Their journey begins on a very high point (for the film) as Burt and Verona travel to Phoenix and meet up with a couple of their old college friends (played brilliantly by Allison Janney and Jim Gaffigan). Every time Allison Janney opened her mouth I almost died laughing. Gaffigan sported his typical shtick but it works well to his advantage here. Sadly, however, its all downhill from there. The film has plenty of .edy throughout but as it moves along, the jokes (at least the funny ones) be.e less and less and the pacing takes a dive. The film really lost me at Maggie Gyllenhaals character; the hippie/free spirited mother of three. There was a great ending to her part but I think what really detracted me was her performance. I just never really bought into her character nor was it funny enough to keep my interest. After that, the film starts to take a more dramatic turn as it shows the more emotional and inner parts of Burt and Veronas relationship. Kransinski is a great talent and perfect for his part. He is utterly believable and a joy to watch on screen. When it .es to the more dramatic stuff, Maya Rudolph retains the believability but never blows you away with her talent. I guess her character wasnt meant, necessarily, to overwhelm you with emotion and I suppose in that respect she was excellent. There is one scene, in the end, where she delivers a monologue about her past, however, that I thought gave her a great opportunity to show her stuff but fell a little short. Director Sam Mendes (Revolutionary Road, American Beauty) put together what I think is a perfectly middle-of-the-road dramedy. Its a love story at its core and a .edy in its shell. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: