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Marriage-Wedding The average wedding cost for any normal wedding in the United States is approximately $ 20, 500. However, a great number of the couples residing in the States are prone to spending more on the wedding than had been budgeted for. Usually, the budget ranges from $ 15,000 to $ 26,000. In most cases, the couples do not include the cost of the honeymoon and engagement ring in their wedding budgets. It is therefore advisable that every couple understands about the typical cost of weddings before they .mence with the wedding arrangements. This will help them follow the budget. A guide for helping couples on their wedding preparation cost While thinking of an average wedding cost, you should consider expenses such as: A La Carte Services, the wedding band necklace for the groom, the rehearsal dinner, watches for the couple, payments for the videographer and photographer, the bachelor and bachelorette parties, day-of-coordinator for the starters and the full service. Souvenirs, which will be presented to the guests and the sponsors of the wedding, guest book invitations, any special treatments during the wedding, anklet bracelet for the bride, a wedding band for the groom and place cards. Payments for the services of an emcee who will offer their services at the church and at the reception, flowers for the wedding entourage, bouquet for the bride, flower arrangements at the wedding ceremony, reception and also cortege. All the decorations and requirements for the wedding ceremony such as the ring pillow, the veil, cord and the unity candle should not be left out to. The wedding ceremony and reception will also require the services of an aisle runner, an ordained priest or presiding priest, pastor, a church minister, rabbi, a band to entertain guests during the reception, few musicians for the wedding ceremony and reception, fruits and flowers to serve as offertory, gifts for the guests and parents of both the groom and bride. The wedding reception will also require a caterer, cake and decorations. If you put all these on mind while planning that special day, it will prove to be an average wedding cost giving you a reason to smile. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: