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Association in Italy and Burma earthquake science — Italy and Burma — International 24 series of more than 6 earthquake occurred, the interval is only several hours, causing casualties. The epicenter is located far apart, the time is so close to the two earthquakes have relevance? As of August 24th, in central Italy amatrice, people after a damaged in the earthquake in the church. Xinhua News Agency (Xinhua), according to the China earthquake network automatic measurement, 24 local time at 3:36, Italy City, near the central Perugia earthquake occurred near the magnitude of the earthquake, the earthquake occurred in the vicinity of the earthquake occurred in the central city of. Burma meteorological and Hydrological Bureau report, Burma at 24 pm local time, at about 4 pm occurred at a magnitude of 6.8 earthquake, the epicenter is located in Burma, the city’s largest earthquake monitoring station southwest of the city of Mandalay, 197.9 km, second. Bellini, a geophysicist at the US Geological Survey, said that it was rare to see 6 or more earthquakes occur on the same day, far apart from each other, so far apart on the same day as the earth’s geological survey, said by geophysicist John. But he denied the existence of the association of the two earthquakes, that only "accident" occurred on the same day. Each year, the earth will occur more than a hundred times more than 6 earthquake, an average of about two times a week. Michel of the Columbia University geophysical experts? Stirk Le said, caused by earthquake of about 6 of the fault length of 50 km to 100 km, an area of the earthquake will lead to another area of the earthquake, is away from the two required in this range, up to more than 400 kilometers, and the strength is large enough. In 1992, for example, the 7.3 magnitude earthquake in California in the United States led to an earthquake that took place about a quarter of a mile away from the state of Nevada in the United States. The magnitude 400. The area of Burma and Italy is about 8000 kilometers away from the earthquake, the earthquake intensity is not big enough. The researchers believe that the only common feature is that both belong to the active geological structure, earthquake prone. Italy is located in the Apennine Peninsula due to Eurasian plate and the African plate collision caused by earthquakes. In the past 30 years, Italy has experienced nearly 10 to 6 magnitude earthquake in the past 5 years. The most serious in the history of Italy earthquake occurred in December 28, 1908, the Sicily Messina Strait occurred 7.5 earthquake and tsunami, which killed about 100 thousand people. And the frequency of earthquakes in Burma on the Eurasian seismic belt is higher than in Italy. In April of this year, Burma also occurred in the northwest of a magnitude 6.8 earthquake. In addition, compared with Italy, Burma earthquake magnitude is relatively high. Bellini said that in history, the strongest earthquake occurred in Italy about 7, while Burma had had an earthquake of magnitude 8. In August 25th, in Burma, Bagan, the military personnel cleared in the earthquake damaged pagoda. (AP) although the Burma earthquake was stronger than Italy, the Italy earthquake caused more casualties. According to the Italy civil protection department 25, the latest statistics, the right part of the 24 earthquake death toll has risen to 247 people. The Burma earthquake has caused 4 people were killed and more than 60 local temples damaged. The reason is that the Italy earthquake is a very shallow earthquake. U.S. Geological Survey data show that the focal depth of the earthquake相关的主题文章: