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Art students will go to the top 10 Creative Arts District, there are several original title: art students will go to 10 Creative Arts District, there are a few? Abandoned for many years the dilapidated factories and warehouses, because of the artists, they quickly become gorgeous, it is difficult to describe his creative art district. The world’s ten largest Creative Arts District in Chinese, Shanghai M50, Beijing 798 finalists, then the other 8 are where, small to give you a comprehensive collation, now foreign travel buddies to see where the city’s Art District! Top10: Italy Milan tortona tortona area (Zona Tortona), although located in Milan exhibition pavilion, but can create extraordinary myth in each of the Milan exhibition, Milan exhibition design week has become one of the most indicative of. Here, you can see from different countries in the world of outstanding enterprise creative PK, and here is the dream of many designers place. Thor is similar to 798 years ago, the predecessor of the, but also the old side of the Milan canal. In 2001 the ZonaTortona creative park ride on the global furniture industry, "Olympic Games" – the Milan International Furniture Fair, the year the most shocking art or fashion style or avant-garde design are lined up for people to exchange. Just a few years, ZonaTortona also becomes the artist and personal studio stronghold, small art gallery, studio, restaurant, creative space which spread, winding alleys and low old buildings, free shuttle each turn a new surprise. Top9: Shanghai M50 Shanghai M50 creative park is located in the Suzhou River 50 Moganshan Road, this is a forgotten piece of old buildings and crumbling old houses in Shanghai; the shabby and old and seems to have been in the development of city misfits. After being in Shanghai several well-known artists rented Gallery, immediately putting is full of artists and art workers. It is known as a fortress without walls, and M50 is known as an ordinary person in April 2005, it was officially listed as a creative industrial park. Prior to this, it was more regarded as an industrial park. Perhaps it is because of nearly 5 years of brewing, M50 compared to a lot of Creative Industry Park, the vitality is always the most tenacious. With the famous Moganshan Road, gathered here some active galleries, all engaged in construction, decoration, clothing, furniture design companies have settled, and even some fashion clothing stores, bookstores, art music shops have emerged, has become a fashion. Top8: Heyri Heyri Art Village, Seoul, South Korea – the gathering place of artists. Here gathered hundreds of well-known Korean writers, filmmakers, architects and musicians, is currently the largest art village in South Korea, an area of about 495868 square meters. Here to enjoy and appreciate all the art of Korea, all the fashion. Because in this exchange相关的主题文章: